2008 Election Campaign Page

This page is a work in progress. Here we will continue to provide updated information on candidates.

OFF PAC’s local candidate rating is available here.

Gun Owner’s of America’s ratings for Congress and President.

PLEASE NOTE “+” rated House Candidate Jeff Duyck who was running in House District 29 was removed from the race by Secretary of State Bradbury. After years of voting in District 29 and being approved by the Secretary of State to run as the candidate in District 29, a woman who was ” playing with mapping software” “discovered” that Jeff’s house was a few feet outside the district. After spending a large amount of money to run his campaign, Bradbury pulled the rug out from under Jeff and told him he could not run.

In addition to info on people running for office, we will make space available here to any candidate who wishes to publish a statement to gun owners.

The Oregon Firearms Federation will publish statements and bios of any candidate running for office in the state.

This offer is open to all declared candidates and OFF will not comment unless we have knowledge that the candidate has said something demonstrability false.

If you are a candidate, or work for a candidate’s committee and would like to submit a statement, please send it to off(insert “@”)oregonfirearms.org

Oregon Attorney General Jim Leuenberger
Leuenberger is a passionate defender of gun rights and has worked with OFF on many legal matters. For more on the AG’s race, click here.

US Senate. David Brownlow

Congressional District 3 Delia Lopez

Congressional District 4 Jaynee Germond

Congressional District 5 Mike Ericson Vs Kurt Schrader

Mike Erickson shared his NRA survey with us, and while his answers were mostly pro-gun, he did state that he supported background checks at gun shows, with responses to the checks available within 24 hours. (Even if the check was completed within 24 hours which is often not the case, if you started the process on Sunday, the show would be over before you got a response. If you started the process earlier, you would still be required to pay admission and parking twice.)

Erickson also opposes allowing the BATF to conduct the needed background checks on persons who were seeking to have their firearms rights restored.

Kurt Schrader was a supporter of a measure to end private sales at gun shows and has generally voted anti-gun.

The Constitution Party Candidate, Doug Patterson is a supporter of gun rights and a member of OFF.