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Don’t Relax Just Yet


Although all news stories have indicated that the privacy (and rights) busting anti-gun bills are dead in the Rules Committee, reports of their demise are premature.

Not satisfied with crippling Second Amendment rights in his own state (and dictating what you can eat and drink) New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is mounting a well funded assault on your gun rights.

A political consultant hired by Bloomberg has sent out a collection of anti-gun editorials to legislators, and Republicans in Oregon are starting to fear Bloomberg’s limitless bankroll.

Meredith Shield, the Director of Governmental Affairs for Oregon Operations for “Strategies 360″
(240 N. Broadway Ste 118 Portland, OR 97227 T  503-595-1998 F  503-546-9725 C  971-221-3201) appears to be the new point person attempting to revive whatever assaults on your liberties she and Bloomberg can.

In an email sent out today, she said :

“As you likely known (sic) , President Courtney has tasked a Senate work group with crafting a bipartisan agreement on establishing universal criminal background checks for gun sales. We will keep you updated on the outcome of these negotiations as soon as they are available. In the meantime, we wanted to share with you this attached packet of media clips showing that people across Oregon continuing (sic) to call for legislative action this session to help reduce gun violence in our communities.  We are always available to answer any additional questions you may have on this issue.”

While the Senate Republicans have, so far, remained united in opposing new regulations and restrictions on your gun rights, Senator Bruce Starr is now considering legislation that would not only expand the mandate that you ask the state for permission to obtain a gun, it would increase the fees you would have to pay for that “privilege.”

Now more than ever we need to remind all senators that expanded background checks mean nothing more than expanded harassment of gun owners. The fact is, the background check system does not work now. People are routinely delayed, often for months, with no justification. The  last thing we need is to make this failed system bigger.

Senator Starr has a history of voting pro-gun. It would appear he has become the target of the tiny, but noisy, anti-gun fringe who have virtually no members but do have the backing of  billionaire Bloomberg. Please contact Senator Starr and remind him that he has never had the support of the anti-rights zealots and is not likely to get it by pandering to this small group of extremists.

You can use the link below and modify the message if you choose.

Senator Bruce Starr