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Brown’s Confiscation Bill Passes Out Of Committee


Kate Brown’s firearms confiscation bill,  HB 4145 passed out of the House Judiciary Committee today with the help of Republicans Andy Olson and Richard Vial.

Representatives Post and Sprenger voted no, Representative Duane Stark was excused.

The bill included the “dash 2” amendment which made the bill only slightly less awful.

Under the “dash 2” amendment a person who DID NOT contest a restraining order would not automatically lose their gun rights as they did in the original bill.

Militant anti-gunner Jennifer Williamson expressed her disapproval of the amendment and promised to keep working to expand gun prohibitions.

The bill still requires people who have been the respondents of “stalking orders” to give up firearms even if they have never violated the order.

The bill still expands the definition of “family members” to anyone you have ever had an “intimate relationship” with.

This is still very, very dangerous legislation.

We will follow up soon with suggested actions to fight this bill in the full House.