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Boquist/Burdick Gun Confiscation Bill Sent To Rules Committee.


Senate Bill 719, Brian Boquist’s gun confiscation bill has been assigned by Speaker Tina Kotek to the House Rules Committee.

Under normal circumstances this bill would have gone to the House Judiciary Committee, but Kotek, fearing that the Chair of that committee, Democrat Jeff Barker, was not sufficiently anti-gun to guarantee the bill’s passage out of committee, sent it instead to the Rules Committee.

The Rules Committee is chaired by Jennifer Williamson who is an anti-gun extremist. You may recall that it was Williamson who was pushing for indefinite delays on firearm’s purchases if the State Police did not complete a background check, even after she testified that the State Police are wrong 95% of the time they delay firearm’s transfers.

All the Democrats who make up the majority of the Rules Committee have track records of anti-gun extremism. But we need to contact them and express our opposition anyway.

Remember, under SB 719 a “family member,” who may not have seen you in decades, can demand that your rights and your property be confiscated by the police. This “family member” need have no credentials in mental health.  The Judge who imposes this order against you will be, at best, trained in law, NOT mental health.

Under SB 719, you won’t even know there is a court order against you until the police arrive to confiscate your firearms. You can lose your gun rights simply for having purchased a gun in the past! You can lose your gun rights if you have ever had a DUI. (Of course, you don’t lose your car.)

If you contest the court’s order, they may NOT consider any “mental health diagnosis.”  So if a mental health professional has concluded you are not mentally ill, the court may not consider that!

The proponents of this bill have blatantly lied about its purpose and its ramifications. The House Rules Committee is stocked with anti-gun, radical Democrats who will ignore reason and ram this through. The committee that should have heard this bill has been bypassed by House Speaker Tina Kotek to ensure passage to the full House Floor.

Even if you have taken action before we need you to double down on your efforts to let the House members know how outrageous, counterproductive, and dangerous this bill is.

Please use this link to take action and reach all members of the Oregon House.