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Anti-gun Hearing Held. No Surprises.

Cashing In On Gun Control


The hearing on SB 1503, which we warned you about here, was exactly what you would have expected. A litany of leftists demanding more restrictions on firearms possession.

Of course there was the usual parade of horror stories of one or another subset of society shooting each other with not a word that these shootings were done by “people.” It was the guns that did it.

Republican Senator Bill Hansell came to praise the Democrat Senate President and lend his support for this latest taxpayer funded, back door, gun grab. This should not be a surprise since Hansell has stuck it to his constituents in the past on gun control.

Hansell  was also one of two Republican Senators who crawled into the sack with the far left in an aborted attempt to screw two conservative, pro-gun Republican Senators who also served as Republican Party leaders. This kind of shameless treachery and back stabbing has few parallels in Oregon history, but of course went unpunished. Mercifully neither Hansell, nor his partner in that disgraceful episode are seeking reelection. Let’s see what kind of damage they can do in the time they have left.

In what has become a repeated occurrence, numerous people who had signed up to testify, whose names we recognize as supporters of gun rights, mysteriously were unable to connect. This happens with the regularity of a metronome.

One bright spot was the testimony of Wallowa County Commissioner Todd Nash who did an excellent job of exposing what this bill is really all about; a “recipe for more distrust”.

We thank him for his efforts.

It should be noted that written testimony was overwhelmingly in opposition to the bill.The testimony in support leaves no doubt what the intention of the supporters is. More gun bans.

An amendment has been offered to the bill that would change the organization cashing in on this gun grab from the inept and deceitful Oregon Health Authority to the Department of Justice.

And why not? The OHA will almost certainly complete research that recommends more gun control. But why take a chance when you can enrich the Department of “Justice” which has already spent millions of your tax dollars to eliminate lawful firearms possession?

We will keep you informed as this bill makes its way through this session.