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And The Beat Goes On.

Today gun owners had another victory in the endless battle to protect their God given right to self defense.

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas ruled in Mock v Garland that the Biden ban on pistol braces “ …violated the Administrative Procedure Act …because it was arbitrary and capricious and was not a logical outgrowth of the Proposed Rule.”

This case has been bouncing around for a while and will certainly be appealed by the most tyrannical Department of Justice in US History.  Ironically, the defendant in this case, US Attorney General Merrick Garland, could well be convicted of breaking the law himself.

Never before has America had an Attorney General so committed to using his department as a partisan weapon to silence and intimidate his political opponents while protecting grifters in the administration.

While the pistol brace prohibition had been “on hold”, this is a positive and demonstrative step in the protection of gun owners.

As you know, the geniuses at the BATFE originally declared that pistol braces were unquestionably legal and unregulated. Or they were unregulated unless they touched your shoulder, or they could touch your shoulder but only for a second or so. Or something. Finally the BATFE, through an arcane, opaque, and indecipherable “rule” said that “no, they are not legal unless you register the firearm they were attached to as a short barrel rifle.”

This process involved contacting ATF and essentially telling  them that you wanted to “register” a regulated firearm that you already had and getting the required tax stamp after acquiring the firearm instead of before.  Some well versed folks opined that you were essentially contacting that most benign of all agencies and telling them that you were a felon and would they please send you a “get out of jail” card.  (The card would most certainly not be “free”.)

So unless there is a successful appeal by the most corrupt administration in the history of our great Republic, pistol braces are once again legal under Federal law. If you did register your pistol as an SBR, it appears you now have a strictly regulated firearm, although it is totally unclear what these guns will be considered going forward.

If you chose to ignore this clearly hate based stupidity you are now more permanently protected by this ruling. Of course, all of these victories are temporary but we’ll take what we can get and want to congratulate Firearms Policy Coalition and the plaintiffs in this case.

UPDATE: In other news, Biden’s attempt to force every law abiding gun owner to file to become and FFL has hit a snag.

Meanwhile, our battles against Measure 114 are moving forward at a glacial pace. We believe our Federal lawsuit will be several more years in the courts. The state case, which gun owners are winning at this point, is headed to the Oregon Appeals Court as we speak. There is simply no way to predict the outcome on that one, but it will happen sooner.  Victory there is simply essential.  If we lose there, gun rights in Oregon could basically end for the foreseeable future. 

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