2020 US House of Representative

2020 US House Candidate Grades

House DistrictNamePartyGradeIncumbent
01st DistrictRicky BarajasDemocratNR
1st DistrictSuzanne BonamiciDemocratFIncumbent
1st DistrictHeidi BrionesDemocratNR
1st DistrictChristopher C ChristensenRepublicanNR
1st DistrictArmy (Armidia) MurrayRepublicanNR
1st DistrictAmanda SiebeDemocratNR
2nd DistrictJason A AtkinsonRepublicanNR
2nd DistrictCliff BentzRepublicanB (Late Response)
2nd DistrictKnute C BuehlerRepublicanF
2nd DistrictDavid R CampbellRepublicanNR
2nd DistrictHG Carey JrRepublicanNR
2nd DistrictJimmy CrumpackerRepublicanB+*
2nd DistrictTravis A FagerRepublicanB+
2nd DistrictNick (NIK) L HeuertzDemocratNR
2nd DistrictJohn P HolmDemocratNR
2nd DistrictJack HowardDemocratNR
2nd DistrictJustin LivingstonRepublicanB+
2nd DistrictKenneth W MedenbachRepublicanNR
2nd DistrictMark R RobertsRepublicanNR
2nd DistrictJeff SmithRepublicanNR
2nd DistrictAlex SpenserDemocratNR
2nd DistrictChris VaughnDemocratNR
3rd DistrictCharles Rand BarnettDemocratNR
3rd DistrictEarl BlumenauerDemocratFIncumbent
3rd DistrictMatthew S DavisDemocratNR
3rd DistrictJoanna HarbourRepublicanB
3rd DistrictTom HarrisonRepublicanNR
3rd DistrictFrank HeckerRepublicanB+ Late Response
3rd DistrictAlbert LeeDemocratNR
3rd DistrictDane WilcoxDemocratNR
4th DistrictDoyle Elizabeth CanningDemocratNR
4th DistrictPeter DeFazioDemocratFIncumbent
4th DistrictNelson IjihRepublicanB+ (Late Response)
4th DistrictAlek SkarlatosRepublicanB+
5th DistrictG Shane DinkelRepublicanB
5th DistrictMark F GambaDemocratNR
5th DistrictJoey NationsRepublicanD- (Downgraded from original grade due to new info.)
5th DistrictBlair G ReynoldsDemocratNR
5th DistrictAngela RomanRepublicanNR
5th DistrictAmy Ryan CourserRepublicanB+*
5th DistrictKurt SchraderDemocratFIncumbent