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Oregon Gun Owners Closer To Another Victory

For a lot longer than we would have liked, Oregon Firearms Federation has been battling to force government agencies to obey Oregon law.

Oregon’s Department of Administrative Services has long had policies that violated Oregon’s preemption statute dealing with firearms possession.In a post from 2007, we clearly thought we had solved that problem. But nothing is as slippery or slow as a bureaucrat.

Now after several years of efforts by us, and some tireless pro-gun legislators (like Senator elect Brian Boquist) and their staffs, it looks like we may have made some real headway.

We have now received this proposed change of rules by DAS. As you can see, they have eliminated the illegal prohibitions on firearms they once had in buildings they controlled.

There will be a public hearing on the rule changes on December 22nd at 10 am in Salem, We encourage gun owners and especially CHL holders to attend.

The location for the hearing is 1225 Ferry St SE Salem OR, 97301 in the Mt. Ashland Conference Room.

If you cannot attend, please send comments in favor of this rule change to Scott Harra at

This could be a great, and long fought, victory for gun owners at a time when gun rights are clearly in peril.

We encourage you to attend the hearing or contact Scott Harra and voice your support for the rules change. A sample message follows:


To Department of Administrative Services,

I strongly support the proposed rule change to bring DAS’s policies in line with Oregon law.

DAS, like every state agency, should respect the clear language in Oregon law dealing with persons who have obtained Oregon concealed handgun licenses.

Very truly yours,