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The Medford School District passed a resolution Tuesday calling on the legislature to pass legislation banning licensed, concealed carry on school property.

Displaying an ignorance of the law that has come to be the hallmark of the government school establishment, School Board Member Eric Dziura said “It’s possible we already have the legal authority to pass a policy on banning all guns on school property, but there is a doubt about that.”

Actually, there is NO doubt about it. School districts have NO such authority.In fact,it is the very confusing patchwork of contradictory gun laws that would be created by such a bill that got the Oregon legislature to pass preemption in the first place.

Neil Goldschmidt protégée, Senator Ginny Burdick (along with Senator Alan Bates) has announced her intention to introduce a bill to ban guns at schools in either the upcoming “emergency” session in February, or in the 2009 regular session.

Similar bills were introduced in 1999, 2001,2003 and 2005. Each time, they were defeated by the vocal opposition of not only gun owners, but people with common sense across the state.

If the bill is introduced in the 2008 “Special Session” it should be interesting to see how it is handled by Senate President Peter Courtney, who has made it very clear that he intends to avoid contentious, partisan issues.

In 2005, the Democratic Caucus tried to get Burdick to shelve plans to introduce a school gun ban, but after a nasty and belligerent caucus, minutes before the hearing, she introduced it anyway only to have it voted down by anti-gun Floyd Prozanski who realized what a loser the bill was.

But, because of Burdick’s obsession with anti-gun bills, she may very well attempt it.

Whenever the bill is introduced, we need to be prepared to fight it. If the Democrat majority grows after the next election, they may feel emboldened to push an anti-gun agenda that has failed in the past. Or, if they hear from us loud and clear, they may concentrate on other priorities. Either way, the outcome will depend on our willingness to stay informed, active and engaged.

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Stay safe.