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11.2005 Mannix for Governor?

Mannix For Governor?
By Kevin Starrett

Kevin Mannix, perennial candidate and career politician, is once again running for office.

We have been the lucky recipients of his first fundraiser of the 2006 election cycle.

If the quality of the letter is any indication, Mannix is toast, but he should not be underestimated. He lives and breathes public office. All that matters to him is to be in the public eye and he will do whatever he can do remain there.

Unfortunately, this includes telling anyone, anything at any time.
As a House Rep, Mannix authored and promoted a bill that failed, but was later turned into a successful anti-gun ballot measure by fanatic Senator Ginny Burdick. (Measure 5)

That was in 1999 and the bill was House Bill 2535.

OFF managed to kill the bill in spite of the efforts of Oregon Gun Owners to pass it, and the NRA to ignore it. But with millions in out of state money, Burdick was able to con the voters and pass a bill which has gutted gun shows in Oregon and added new layers of government intrusion into the lives of gun owners in Oregon.

But the fact remains, it was Mannix’s bill that Burdick passed.(Actually, Mannix’s bill was worse.)

Of course, later, when Mannix decided to run for Governor (after having run for everything else) he lied to gun owners and claimed he opposed the very bill he wrote.

Mannix gets an A+ for chutzpah and a F for honesty.

In Mannix’s fund raiser, he brags about having the support of past Senate Presidents Brady Adams and Gene Derfler. And why shouldn’t he? As Senate President, Adams was instrumental in making heroic efforts to pass Mannix’s gun control bill.

Derfler’s major claim to fame was his willingness to attack people like Senator Gary George, one of the few real believers in liberty in the Oregon Legislature.

Mannix started his career as a big government Democrat and switched parties when the Democrats abandoned him. His politics remain the same however. A new law is the answer for everything.

Mannix has demonstrated that he cannot be trusted. That’s not a quality we think we’d like to see in our next governor.