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11.16.06 Repeal Of Firearms Ban In National Parks Introduced.


As you know, there have been dramatic changes in the make up of the US Congress. Militant anti-gunners will soon be in charge. But they are not yet.

A coalition of state-wide gun rights organizations, spearheaded by Virginia Gun Owner’s Coalition has gotten outgoing Senator George Allen to introduce a bill to eliminate the Federal ban on firearms possession in National Parks. Trust us, it wasn’t easy.

This may be the last chance we have to promote positive national legislation for the next two years. The bill can be downloaded here.

What we need now is immediate action, before the lame duck session of Congress ends and the friends of Charles Schumer are in charge.

Bill Frist is still the Senate Majority leader. He is in a position to fast track this bill before the Democrats take over. He needs to hear from you as soon as possible. (Both Frist and Allen have presidential aspirations. They DO care what you think.)

To allow you to bypass the web mail system that Senators use to discourage communication, we suggest you write directly to Frist’s political director, Chip Saltsman at this e-mail address:

Suggested text follows. Feel free to alter it.

Dear Senator Frist,

You have a unique opportunity to make a statement about your support for Second Amendment Rights by using your office to secure a vote on Senator Allen’s legislation to repeal the dangerous Federal ban on possession of firearms in National Parks, S 4057.
This may be our last opportunity to move positive legislation for at least two years.
I strongly urge you to do everything in your power to secure a vote on this important legislation.

Truly yours,

Please also consider an e-mail to Senator Allen through his legislative director Paul Unger,

Dear Senator Allen,
Thank you for introducing a bill to repeal the Federal ban on firearms possession in National Parks.

Please do everything you can to secure a floor vote for this critically needed legislation. As you know, without a vote, the bill’s introduction will mean nothing.

Truly yours,