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As you may have heard, the US Congress is likely to hear HR 822 as soon as tomorrow.

This bill is intended to allow your CHL to be honored in other states. While very well intentioned, the bill has some definite flaws.

You may have read some of the arguments for and against this legislation. Some pro-gun groups and the Brady Anti-gun Campaign are opposed to it. The pro-gun groups claim it’s a dangerous intrusion by the Feds into gun rights. The Brady Campaign is (as usual) claiming the sky will fall and out-of-state murderers will descend on us to wreak havoc.

Meanwhile, the NRA is claiming this bill is a terrific solution and a great step forward. Our friends at Gun Owners of America have done the most level-headed analysis we have yet seen on this bill and we encourage you to look at the following alert, which if you did not receive directly, is linked here:

You should also know that the Oregon House and Senate Judiciary Committees are meeting this week, Wednesday for the Senate and Thursday for the House.

Members of both committees have been involved in closed door, private meetings in Salem, and the committees will be discussing one of the issues from those meetings. Their schedule lists it as:

“Work Group Report: Reciprocity – Recognition of out-of-state concealed weapons permits and license holders records, if other states recognize Oregon concealed weapons permits and have similar requirements “

While this sounds like it is potentially positive we have been informed that the intent is to create a system where the Oregon State Police will be given the authority to determine which other states’ permits should be recognized. In fact, they had this authority in the past and recognized exactly… none.

We believe that it is a mistake to task the State Police with this authority. The police are an enforcement body and not a judicial body. Their history indicates that they consider no other states good enough. While we support any effort to move Oregon into modern times (we currently recognize NO other permits) we think this may be little more than a ploy to create the illusion that a reciprocity bill is being considered when the final outcome will be no different from where we are right now.

You can see committee agendas here.

You can view hearings live here

The Senate Committee meets in Hearing Room C and the House Committee meets in Hearing Room F.

Both meetings are at 2pm on their respective dates.