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One Step Up…

As you may know, the Oregon University System has chosen NOT to appeal their loss in the Oregon Appeals Court.  The decision in the lawsuit our foundation filed said that the OUS does not have the authority to make up rules denying CHL holders the right to possess firearms on OUS property. While this was an important victory, it is clear, that as we predicted, the OUS plans to use every trick they can find to circumvent the court’s decision.

The Oregonian reported that “…lawyers across the system are working on a comprehensive set of contracts and policies that would effectively ban guns from all classrooms, dorms and university buildings, said Di Saunders, spokeswoman for the system.

We told you this would happen the very day we won the case and it’s no surprise. Clearly the bureaucrats would rather spend thousands of your dollars on lawyers to find ways to bypass the law rather than simply obey it.

On another more positive note, your efforts undoubtedly had a profound effect on the Superintendent of the Newberg School District who has now reversed her illegal “no guns” policy.

The Newberg Graphic is reporting:  “The Newberg School District is now in compliance with the law of the land. It’s OK for patrons to pack heat on local school campuses, after the district dropped language banning the possession of firearms last week.
The change of language happened after the district received a complaint from a Beaverton resident who was attending a community event in Newberg, superintendent Paula Radich said. That was at about the same time Rep. Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) wrote this newspaper to complain about the district’s illegal practice and call on the administration to end it.”

Based on the correspondence we have received it’s clear that the calls and emails from OFF supporters had a major impact on the Radich’s “change of heart.”

While there can be no question that this battle is far from over and an endless parade of petty despots will be doing all they can to bypass the clear language of the law, your efforts have once again made a difference.