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Grant County Announces Pro-Gun Policy Towards Non Residents.

While most of the recipients of our alerts are Oregon residents, we are pleased to be able to report that at least one Oregon County has announced a formal policy of encouraging non-residents to apply for concealed handgun licenses.

Grant County Sheriff Glen Palmer has just sent us his new CHL application and asked that we make it available on our website.

You can download it here.  (Adobe Acrobat required.)

Of course, Oregon law still limits non-resident applications to residents of adjoining states, but this is clearly a positive development.

For years, one of the most commonly asked questions we have received at Oregon Firearms is “what sheriff is most likely to issue a license to a non-resident?” We can now report that at least one county has a formal policy of issuing.

Sheriff Glenn Palmer told us in a recent e-mail “I am kind of excited about doing this as it is high time that we do something favorable instead of taking something away from gun owners.”

We encourage non-resident applicants to visit beautiful Grant County if they are seeking non-resident concealed handgun licenses. Of course, pro-gun residents should consider spending their vacation dollars in a county with such positive policies.

Contact info for the Grant County is available here.