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As we told you on 8.29.12, the Department of Justice will be adopting a permanent administrative rule to implement HB 4045, the “CHL Privacy” bill.

As we pointed out, this bill is a very poorly drafted piece of legislation, so crafting an “administrative rule” that makes sense will be a challenge.

When we told you that this rule was going to be created and that OFF would be part of the committee to write it, many of you asked if this meeting would be open to the public. We have been informed that it will be.

Members of the public will NOT be allowed to actually participate at the meeting, although they will be allowed to attend. There will be an opportunity for all members of the public  to comment later.

The meeting will be held this Friday at 9am. It will be held in DOJ’s Robertson building, located at 1215 State Street in Salem. We  do not have a room number at this time. As you enter on the main floor, please check in with the receptionist, who will provide a visitor badge and direct you to the conference room where we will be meeting.

We will let you know when and how public comments will be taken as soon as that information is available