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08.14.06 Even More On New Background Checks.


As you know from previous alerts, OFF has been investigating new background check requirements for persons buying guns from FFL dealers.

In a previous alert, we told you about House Rep. Kim Thatcher’s efforts on behalf of gun owners.

Now, OFF has received a letter from Senator Gordon Smith responding to an inquiry we made about the new background check procedures.

As we have told you, we have heard from a number of gun owners who have been delayed in their purchases because of these new and more extensive checks.

Smith sent us a copy of a letter he received from the FBI which we are passing along to you. You can download a copy of this letter here.

Included in the letter from Senator Smith was a copy of the “Voluntary Appeal File Application.” You can download a copy of that here.

This is a program that allows the FBI to maintain information on you in their files, that they are not allowed to keep without your permission.

Its stated purpose is to streamline gun purchases for people who have been wrongly delayed in the past.

If you have experienced unwarranted delays, you may want to consider this program. However, we strongly recommend that you make this decision with utmost care.

We provide this for your information only and it should not be considered an endorsement of this program.