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08.02.12 Earl’s Embarrassing and Bogus “Survey”

In the wake of the Colorado shooting, we all expected the media and the victimhood promoters to do all they could to use a crime to attack your rights as gun owners. But the anti-rights vultures never fail to find a new low to sink to.

We all know that Oregon is cursed with one of the worst congressional delegations in the country, given that 6 out of 7 of our members of Congress are foaming-at-the-mouth gun haters.

But every time we think we have reached a new low, the bottom feeders who “represent” us pull out their shovels and dig a little deeper.

Let’s take a look at a “survey” that Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer emailed out today. You can see it here:

Question 3 of his survey asks:

“Should the gun show loophole be closed, so that the people who buy weapons in the open-air gun bazaars, like what occurs in Portland at the Expo Center, be required to submit to the same background checks and record-keeping as people who buy from licensed gun-dealers.”

Let’s put aside that no Portland Expo show we have ever been to has ever been “open-air.” Does a rabidly anti-gun Oregon Congressman NOT know that private sales at Oregon gun shows have been banned for 12 years? Blumenauer was one of the main forces pushing for a ballot measure that banned private transfers in 2000. And now he is unaware that this is current law? Should this guy really have a job of this importance if he doesn’t know a law he pushed actually passed?

Question 4 says:

“Should people with a history of domestic violence be able to purchase guns and carry concealed weapons?”

Is this member of the Oregon Congressional delegation REALLY unaware that people with even the most minor “domestic violence” convictions are banned from owning guns or even a single round of ammo FOR LIFE and have been for 16 YEARS!?

Earl is a shameless liar who is counting on the ignorance of the people in his district to promote his anti-rights agenda. You may want to take a moment to answer his bogus survey.

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