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The nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court of the United States has revealed itself to be as bad as any of us could have imagined.

While it was to be expected that any nominee of Obama’s would be troubling, Sotomayor has made it clear from her record and non-answers in her confirmation hearing that she considers the Second Amendment to be little more than an irritant to her.

Furthermore, there is strong evidence that Sotomayor is also a liar.

Even the National Rifle Association, which had refused to take a stand on her nomination, has finally issued a statement opposing her. Gun Owners of America took a similar stand from the very beginning.

Sotomayor is very bad news and they can dress her up, but in the end, her racist comments and animosity to self-defense make her a very dangerous choice on a court as closely divided as the US Supreme Court.

Both Oregon Senators are as opposed to the Second Amendment as Sotomayor is. But we think they should know you oppose her nomination. Please consider contacting Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden and tell them you do not believe a person with the radical beliefs of Sotomayor should be sitting on the Supreme Court.

Listen to Sotomayers answers to simple questions. They are intentionally vague, but her history is not.

You can cut and paste the following text into their webforms or modify them as you like.

Thanks for your action

Senator Ron Wyden
(503) 589-4555

Senator Jeff Merkley
(503) 362-8102


Dear Senator,

I am appalled at the positions Judge Sotomayor has taken in regard to the Second Amendment and my right to self-defense. Furthermore, her repeated racist comments make it clear that she lacks the judgment to sit on the Supreme Court.  I strongly oppose her nomination.