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2010, the Democrats in Congress attempted to pass a bill they called “The Disclose Act.” This bill was intended to intimidate advocacy organizations by requiring them to turn over the personal information of their donors.

You can refresh your memory of this debacle here and here. When the original bill was drafted, the NRA opposed it, until they received a “carve out” and were exempted. Initially they were the only organization exempted. At that point, they gave it their blessing and threw countless advocacy organizations under the bus. For more, see here and here.

Fortunately the bill eventually failed although every member of Oregon’s Congressional delegation except Greg Walden supported it. Now with little notice it’s risen from the ashes and is due to be voted on on Monday July 16th in the US Senate.

The current version does not seem to have the exemption for the NRA, so it should be interesting to see where NRA will come down on the bill. (As of this writing, we have seen nothing from NRA or GOA about this bill.)

The Senate Republicans have promised a filibuster. The news on this is coming in very late and without a lot of details. We will continue to monitor this and keep you informed.