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House Bill 2792, which passed the House with 40 votes, started life as a bill that recognized other states’ concealed handgun licenses.

After passing in the House, it was sent to Floyd Prozanski’s Senate Judiciary Committee where he stripped out all the language dealing with recognition and replaced it with language dealing with a lawful way to transport handguns on motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs. The bill which originally contained that language was gutted and turned into a bill to ban licensed carry on school property, including colleges.

The new “stuffed” version of 2792 also includes dramatic new restrictions on restoration of gun rights by persons with felony convictions.

Only Senator Larry George voted “no” on 2792. We commend him.

While we support (and in fact wrote) the language on transport, we believe that the new restrictions on rights restoration is unwise, unneeded and counterproductive.

The bill now goes back to the House for a vote on concurring with Prozanski’s amendments. Please contact your House Rep and urge that they not concur with the Senate amendments.

They still have the opportunity to take the bill to a conference committee and strip out the bad parts of the gutted bill and only leave the good parts.

You can use the following link to write to your House Rep.

Remember, the person you want to contact is your State House Rep.