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Mental Health Records Bill In Home Stretch.

HB 2853, the much amended bill that would turn over mental health records to the Obama administration, had what we believe will be its last public hearing in the House Rules Committee today.

We testified, that in addition to our objection to expanding the failed Brady background check law, the bill created new nightmares for gun buyers whose records were mistakenly flagged as “mental defectives.” (The Federal government’s term, not ours.)

Tomorrow the bill is scheduled for a “work session.” This is where amendments are adopted, or rejected, and the bill can actually receive a vote in committee.

We still think this bill is one more step towards total acquiescence to the theory that the state should demand that you ask permission to exercise a right.

It drags us into one more database prone to mistakes and data theft and it does nothing to prevent crime.

We urge you to take a minute to remind the House Rules Committee that this bill will not stop a single killing and may not even get us into compliance with the Federal law this bill is supposed to align with.  Time is really tight. The committee meets at 3PM on Tuesday.

Please contact the committee members ASAP.


Dear Representative,

HB 2853 is an attempt to comply with a Federal mandate, but it is not even clear if this bill will accomplish that goal. So, we will be sending records, both accurate and inaccurate, to the FBI and we may not even be in compliance with this Federal mandate.

I urge you to postpone any action that would deliver the mental health records of Oregonians to the Federal government until we have had the time to sort out the many issues that HB 2853 brings up but does not fully address.