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Frustrated by the childish shenanigans in the Senate Judiciary Committee, pro-gun members of the House Judiciary Committee today passed amendments to Senate Bill 347.

This bill  “Exempts from disclosure records of domestic violence service or resource center that concern individuals affected by domestic or sexual violence.”

The amendments add to the bill language that would protect CHL holder’s privacy. A House bill which would have done the same thing, and which passed the House by a wide margin has been stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee. While that bill is due to be heard tomorrow, we expect that as with all gun bills that go there, efforts will be made to mangle or kill it.

This is a positive development and thanks go to Co Chairs Jeff Barker and Wayne Krieger of House Judiciary for making this happen.

To no one’s surprise, House Reps Mary Nolan and Carolyn Tomei both voted, once again, against CHL privacy, and now have voted against the privacy of domestic violence victims. Way to go girls.