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A Fairview City Councilor and OFF supporter is under  attack for, of all things, exercising his rights.

Ken Quinby , a long time supporter of the Oregon Firearms Federation, has a concealed handgun license. That makes some of his fellow councilors “nervous.”

Barbara Jones, another council member said  “I understand the Second Amendment allows you to bear arms; however my ‘pursuit of happiness’ and ability to live my life safely seems to be taking a back seat to those who run around with concealed weapons,”

” Run around with concealed weapons?”  What planet is she living on? Apparently the same one Council member Larry Cooper is. “I agree and have felt that way for a long time,” he said in an e-mail.  Now some council members want to do yet another end run around Oregon law and try to ban lawful carry in the City Hall for council members!

If they are successful, this will be one more nail in the coffin of our disintegrating “preemption law.”

Please contact the City Council and remind them that any effort to further erode the Second Amendment in Fairview will NOT be accepted.The email contact for Fairview City Council is