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HB 2791, the bill we requested to remove background checks from the Oregon State Police and turn them over to the Feds, (who don’t keep records of the purchased guns and don’t charge an additional fee) has been scheduled for a hearing in the Ways and Means Public Safety Subcommittee.

The bill is scheduled to be heard on May 17th at 3pm. The hearing room in the State Capitol is H 170.  If you are a gun dealer, or a gun owner who has been unjustly delayed or denied, we strongly urge you to attend this hearing and share your experiences.

We continue to receive almost daily reports of delays by OSP for gun sale background check approvals. This bill would solve that and eliminate the fee the State Police are charging every time you buy a firearm.

This is an extremely important bill, and one which most likely would not be sent to Floyd Prozanski’s Judiciary Committee, where he can kill it or hold it hostage as a bargaining chip. (It could still happen, but is not too likely.)

Please contact the members of the Public Safety Subcommittee and urge a speedy “do pass” recommendation for HB 2791. Urge them to move it to the full committee and please consider attending and uting to the hearing on the 17th.

The committee’s contact info follows. Please remember, your input really does matter.

Public Safety Subcommittee
Sen. Jackie Winters, Co-Chair
Rep. Mary Nolan, Co-Chair
Rep. Greg Smith, Co-Chair
Rep. Jeff Barker, Co-Vice Chair
Rep. Wally Hicks, Co-Vice Chair
Sen. Rod Monroe
Sen. Joanne Verger

You can also upload any testimony and exhibits digitally to the committee staff who will distribute them to the committee members. Please be sure to note the bill number and that  your testimony and exhibits are intended for the Public Safety Subcommittee. The staff address is:

Sample message:

I strongly urge you to support HB 2791. This simple, commonsense measure would save Oregonians millions of dollars a year and end the serious problems created by the Oregon State Police ID unit.  The OSP ID unit needlessly delays legitimate firearms purchases and often provides false or erroneous information to gun buyers and dealers. Please move 2791 out of your subcommittee with a “do pass” recommendation and do all you can to get approval from the full Ways and Means Committee.