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04.21.07 Mayhem, Collaboration And New Gun Bills.

Mayhem, Collaboration and New Gun Control Bills

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This week has shown us, with astonishing clarity, the ugly failure of the gun grabbers’ agenda.

Over thirty innocent people, young and old, are dead as a result of the arrogance and stupidity of college administrators and legislators in Virginia.

As horrifying as the events at Virginia Tech were, gun owners will be equally horrified to learn that the largest “gun lobby” in America supports the policies that cost those students and teachers their lives. The following quote is not from Sarah Brady. It is not from Nancy Pelosi. It is not from Charles Schumer. It is from Wayne LaPierre,

“First, we believe in absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That means no guns in America’s schools, period … with the rare exception of law enforcement officers or trained security personnel.” 

Both the Washington Post and the New York Times have reported that the NRA is “negotiating” with the gun grabbers to expand the already onerous and intrusive “instant check” system, which is anything but.    Representative John Dingell is quoted as saying “The N.R.A. doesn’t have objections. There are other gun organizations on this that are problems.” As well they should be.

In Oregon, the State Police have been delaying and denying qualified gun buyers in tremendous numbers. In many cases they have informed buyers they must wait weeks or more to take possession of purchased guns. This is something they have no authority to do as we have reported in previous alerts.

Many of the delays are imposed on people with concealed handgun licenses. Some have much more extensive government security clearances, yet the Virginia Tech killer passed quickly through the system in spite of his well documented history. And now the gun grabbers, with support of the NRA, want to expand and extend this failed system.

Waiting three weeks or two months to take possession of a firearm is an annoyance and inconvenience to a gun owner merely seeking to add to his collection, to a woman being stalked,it could be a death sentence.

If you are an NRA member, please let the NRA know that you DO NOT support the disarming of the innocent. Please tell them to repudiate their long standing policy of making people in schools the favored targets of killers and NOT to support any more expansions of a failed and dangerous “background check” system. (To contact NRA-ILA call 800-392-8683) And please use GOA’s Legislative Action Center to contact your representatives in Congress to express your opposition to more failed anti-gun policies.

Back here in Oregon, gun owners are facing hearings on numerous bills that affect gun rights. Three bills are scheduled for hearings next week.

The first is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, in the House Judiciary Committee. That bill is HB 2415.

This bill makes it illegal to sell guns, explosives, cars or  gasoline to people who are “visibly intoxicated.”

It’s doubtful that any rational person would support the idea of selling these items to people who are drunk, but it still seems hard to believe that this problem is so pervasive that it requires a new law. The bill also creates twice the penalty for selling a gun to a drunken person than it creates for selling them explosives. The punishment for selling a gun to a drunk is 12 times the punishment for selling them a car. Given that cars are used to kill more people than guns are, this seems bizarre.

We are also concerned that this bill would be used to entrap both FFL and private dealers who make sales, since neither are trained (like bartenders) to determine when a person is “intoxicated” and the term is never defined.

In addition to our belief that this law is simply unneeded, we are watching to make sure it is not amended to become an attack on all gun owners’ rights.

On Wednesday, the same committee is scheduled to hear HB 2334.

This bill is a particular concern as we have warned you in the past.

The bill contains new restrictions on CHL’s and is so badly drafted that it could create serious problems for license holders.  We strongly urge you to contact the committee and tell them that the language in the bill is dangerous and vague and needs to be amended or eliminated.

Suggested text of a message, and the contact for the committee members can be found here

Even if you have contacted the committee about this before, please contact them again and let them know you are very concerned about the unintended consequences of this bill.

As you know, your efforts have derailed a bill that would expand the police powers of the law-breaking Port of Portland.

Because of your rapid and overwhelming response, HB 2852 seems to be dead this session. (Although nothing is certain.) However, we have been reliably informed that the Port of Portland Police are pulling out all the stops to achieve the same ends, perhaps in a different bill.

It is possible that the POP may try to use a procedure called “gut and stuff,” (where the language of an unrelated bill is totally removed and replaced with new language) to expand their powers in spite of their continued refusal to obey Oregon’s clear preemption statute.

Although we cannot know for certain what bill they may use, it is possible that they will try to “gut and stuff” HB 2327 or HB 2890, two bills that appeared to be going nowhere and then were suddenly scheduled for hearings next week. 2337 on Thursday and 2890 on Friday.

We will be watching both bills carefully and ask that when you contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee to express your opposition to HB 2334, you also urge them not to vote for any bill that is “stuffed” to expand the Port’s Police powers as long as they insist on breaking the law.