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Notice of “Fee Review.”

Oregon Firearms has received a letter from the Oregon State Police alerting us to regional meetings that will be held to discuss fees charged by the OSP ID unit.

As you know, in many states, background checks for firearms’ purchases are done by the Federal government. There is no fee for this check. However, in Oregon, the State Police do background checks for gun buys and charge $10.00

The State Police are now “reviewing” those fees. There is no reason to believe they are coming down.

Unlike many checks performed by the OSP ID unit, the checks done on gun buyers are not a “service” that is voluntary. Lawful gun buyers have no choice about subjecting themselves to this check along with the fee, and the data kept by the state police has been misused. In fact, recently the Attorney General has informed the OSP ID unit that, as a result of the David Pyles incident in Medford, they may no longer disclose info they collected during gun purchases.

We recommend that you attend one of the regional meetings.

OFF opposes any increase in fees. If the OSP cannot afford to conduct these checks we believe they should be handled by the Feds, as they are elsewhere, for no charge.
For more info on the meetings please use this link.