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House Bill 2463 , a bill that would recognize other states’ concealed handgun licenses is stalled in the House Judiciary Committee because of Democrats’ objections.

The bill was first heard on Feb.24, where it appeared to have wide support on the committee of 4 Republicans and 6 Democrats. At the time, an amendment was discussed that would expand the bill so people who could lawfully carry in states that did not require a permit (Vermont and Alaska) would also be allowed to visit Oregon with self defense firearms.

On March 12th a “work session” was held on the bill. The proposed amendments were considered, but suddenly some of the Democrats on the committee withdraw their support and voted against the amendments and the bill.  The Chairman of the committee, Jeff Barker, who is also a Democrat, and a cosponsor of the bill, voted with the 4 Republicans for both the amendments and the bill, and it passed.

But (according to capitol sources) the Democrats objected so strenuously that Barker returned the bill to committee to be dealt with again.

OFF proposed a simple solution. Remove the amendments and add language that would allow anyone from any state to apply for an Oregon license. (Currently you must live in an adjoining state and the sheriff to whom you apply has complete discretion to turn you down.)

It seemed like the objections of the Democrats (that some people could theoretically carry here with no background check) were answered.

The bill was then scheduled to be worked on again yesterday, March 18th. But the committee was adjourned with no action on the bill and it has been moved again to March 30th.

The longer this bill is kept on hold, the longer the anti-gun forces will be working on the committee members to kill it.  The objections of the Democrats have been answered. There is no reason to stall the bill any longer.

Please contact the opponents of the bill and ask that they consider the simple solution we have suggested and move the bill forward. Their contact information and a sample message follows.

Please also contact the Chair, Jeff Barker, and thank him for his past support and urge him to continue standing up for gun rights in Oregon.

Members and contact info:
All the following members voted against the bill except Chip Shields, who was excused.

Brent Barton
900 Court St NE, H-386, Salem,, OR, 97301

Chris Garrett
900 Court St NE, H-377, Salem,, OR, 97301

Chip Shields
900 Court St NE, H-276, Salem,, OR, 97301

Jefferson Smith
900 Court St NE, H-486, Salem,, OR, 97301

Judy Stiegler Vice Chair
900 Court St NE H 489 Salem OR 97301


Dear Representative,

Your objections to HB 2463 can be answered with a simple amendment that would allow non-residents to apply for Oregon concealed handgun licenses.

As you know, only residents of adjoining states may do so now. By adding this element to the bill you would be assured that persons who lived in the states that do not require concealed handgun licenses would meet Oregon’s standards.

I urge you to adopt those amendments and move the bill forward.




Jeff Barker, Chair .
900 Court St. NE., H-491, Salem, OR, 97301

Dear Representative Barker,

Thank you for your support  for gun rights in Oregon.

The objections the Democrats have to HB 2463 can be dealt with by simply allowing Oregon sheriffs to issue non-resident licenses to residents of any state. Please consider an amendment of that kind and move the bill forward. I appreciate your efforts on behalf of Oregon’s gun owners.