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03.15.07 Deschutes County Reverses Illegal Gun Policy.

Gun owners in Deschutes County got a small but significant victory today.

On March 9th, OFF was contacted by a Deschutes County gun owner and informed that the county buildings were posted with signs stating that carrying a firearm in a county building was a felony,even with a permit. This is not true. CHL holders are very specifically allowed in county buildings with firearms.

We contacted Deschutes County and informed them that their policy was unlawful.

On March 14th we received a phone call from Deschutes County Commissioner Mike Daly. He informed us that he thought we “were right” and promised to change the policy. Today, March 15th, we received an e-mail from Dave Kanner, the County Administrator simply saying “The signage will be changed. The county has no formally adopted policy, but will comply with ORS 166.”

If you know of similar violations in your area, please let us know.