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March 2011. Time To Retire The Oregon State Police?

We have received a number of communications from gun dealers across the state informing us of long waits and busy signals when they attempt to conduct background checks for gun purchases.

While some dealers are reporting no changes, others have let us know that the difficulty in contacting Oregon State Police has had a serious effect on their ability to conduct business.

We are also receiving an increase in complaints about unjustified delays for gun purchases and a lack of response by the OSP when buyers use their “Challenge Line” in an effort to resolve delays. This was a common problem in the past and had largely gone away.

This all comes at a time when the OSP has requested significant increases in their fees.

If you are a dealer, or someone who has had difficulty making a purchase, you may download and distribute our Background Check Fact Sheet, which has info on pending bills that deal with these issues along with important and helpful contact info for legislators and OSP officials.

We have also received multiple, credible reports that Oregon dealers are being pressured by ATF to make highly irregular and suspicious gun sales. It would appear to be Oregon’s very own  “Gunwalker” scandal.

The Oregon State Police are aware of these operations and have chosen to take a “hands off” approach.

If you are a dealer who has been pressured by ATF or the OSP into making transactions you consider suspicious, and are willing to share your experiences, please contact us. Rest assured your privacy will be protected.