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02.24.10 VICTORY!

SB 1064 Turned Into Pro-gun Bill And Passed.
You People Are Amazing

SB 1064, which began life as a poorly drafted bill, misunderstood by
everyone, was amended in committee today and passed through both
chambers without a single “no” vote anywhere.

This is a truly astonishing testimony to your hard work. At the
beginning of the session no one could have predicted a victory of
this magnitude. Your tireless efforts turned a very bad bill into a
very good bill. Anti-gun legislators in both Houses voted in favor of
gun rights because of the unending heat you put on them.

Senator Ginny Burdick rose on the Senate floor to complain that she
was forced to vote on the same side as the gun lobby.

All in all, an amazing victory. Already the media is misreporting
the facts of the law and the vote.

But never mind. You did it. You won.

We’ll have more details later, but for now, know that the work you
did had a profound effect.
Thank you.