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House Reps Kim Thatcher and Jeff Barker have introduced legislation to protect the privacy of persons with concealed handgun licenses.

OFF has been working with legislators since prior to the session to get a bill introduced that would stop the malicious abuse of the records of license holders.

The Medford Mail Tribune started seeking these records after we assisted a Medford area teacher in her efforts to have her employer stop denying her rights as a CHL holder. (That case is currently on appeal)

The Tribune was attempting to get the names and private information of other teachers in the area. (The Tribune has editorialized against gun owners rights.) So far, the Sheriff has refused to disclose this information and a lawsuit is ongoing. (The court demanded that the Sheriff disclose the private information and the Sheriff has appealed.)

Recently an organization sought the lists to use for fundraising drives.

Now Representatives Thatcher and Barker have introduced HB 2727 (pdf)to put a stop to these abuses of privacy.We applaud their work on behalf of gun owners. Please let them  know you appreciate their efforts.

The bill has a lengthy list of cosponsors and is supported by the Oregon sheriffs across the state.