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Oregon Firearms Federation has learned that two separate requests have been made for CHL records from the Oregon State Police.

While the State Police have copies of these records, they have no device like the “check box” the sheriffs have to protect your privacy.

The two requests are from “newspapers,” one of which is local and one an East Coast paper with deep pockets.

Our sources tell us that the records being demanded are not just current license information but the personal information of every license issued, revoked, denied or expired.

We have also been informed that the Attorney General has instructed the State Police to disclose these records.

There is literally not a moment to waste. Please contact Senate President Peter Courtney right now and demand that he put an end to the games being played by Floyd Prozanski and get HB 4045 enacted as soon as possible. It is simply absurd that one man’s personal animosity towards gun owners is placing in jeopardy the private information of thousands of Oregonians.

It is essential that HB 4045 pass in its current form with no amendments except those which might speed its implementation. If the amendments that Prozanski has demanded are adopted, the law will be meaningless and provide virtually no protection for gun owners. Time is critical on this one, folks.

Courtney’s telephone number is 503-986-1600.
His email is

Please do not wait.