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The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled three more pro-gun bills to be heard Feb 16 at 1 p.m.  Those bills are listed and linked below.

These are public hearings so you are welcome and invited to give testimony, but we would urge you to contact the Judiciary Committee members even if you cannot attend.

Sample cut and paste message at the bottom of this alert. Please feel free to alter it.

HB 3001 FIRST PUBLIC HEARING – Requires Department of State Police to destroy records obtained during criminal records checks within 24 hours of approving certain transfers of firearms.


HB 3002 FIRST PUBLIC HEARING – Provides nonresidents who are licensed to carry concealed handgun in another state with protections provided to persons with Oregon concealed handgun license if other state used National Instant Criminal Background Check System prior to issuing person’s handgun license.

We support expanding our recognition to all states. This bill is not as strong as HB 2792, due to be heard on Feb 9, but could be a step in the right direction.

HB 2506 FIRST PUBLIC HEARING – Allows person holding concealed handgun license to operate all-terrain vehicle while carrying loaded handgun.

This bill is a less complete version of HB 2797 which would also fix the current error in Oregon law which does not allow for lawful transport of handguns on motorcycles for those who do not have CHL’s. It also does not address loaded carry on ATV’s and snowmobiles for those without CHL’s. Not a bad bill, but not as effective as HB 2797 which we prefer.


Dear Representative,

Oregon Firearms Federation informs me that your committee will be holding hearings on several firearms-related bills on Feb 16. Thank you for considering this important legislation.

HB 3002 would expand our recognition of other states’ concealed handgun licenses. This is an important step forward and would actually benefit Oregon license holders. However, I believe HB 2792, which you will be hearing on Feb 9, does a better and more complete job of achieving this worthwhile goal.

HB 2506 allows persons with concealed handgun licenses to ride ATV’s and snowmobiles with a loaded handgun. While I strongly support this improvement, it does not address the fact that persons without CHL’s are still forbidden from having a loaded firearm on a snowmobile or an ATV even if there is no round in the chamber and there is no chance for an accidental discharge.

I would like to point out that current law does not even make an exception to the “no loaded guns on ATV’s” rule for on-duty police officers. I would urge you to consider HB 2797, which addresses loaded carry on ATV’s and snowmobiles AND corrects the current law, which allows for no lawful way to carry a handgun on a motorcycle if you do not have a CHL.

Thank you,