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01.19.07 Free Speech Safe, For Now.

Your right to receive information from activist organizations like OFF is safe, for the time being.

Yesterday, the US Senate voted to approve the Bennett Amendment to a “lobbying reform bill” ,”S1.”

As we have reported previously, without the amendment, we would no longer have been able to send out legislative alerts(like this one) to you without onerous restrictions and reporting requirements.

It was because of your efforts, and the efforts of activists from across the country, that this very dangerous provision in the bill was killed.

However, 43 Senators, all Democrats, voted AGAINST the amendment.

It’s hard to imagine a more blatant attack on American’s rights than to refuse to allow them to speak without Congressional approval.

If the Democrats have this little regard for the First Amendment , it’s a safe bet they will continue to attempt assaults on the Second Amendment.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden was among those who voted to silence organizations or individuals who wanted to communicate with you about legislative issues.

Contact information for Wyden’s Washington office, and all his local offices can be found here.

If you prefer to e-mail Wyden, with the simple message that you are outraged at his attempts to silence dissent, you must use his webform.

Tell him that his vote against the Bennett Amendment to S1 was a cowardly attempt to crush free speech rights.

Here in Oregon, as we have told you, a bill to mandate locking up your self defense firearms has been introduced in the Oregon Legislature. That bill is SB 283.

An in-depth analysis demonstrates this bill to be among the most poorly written we have ever seen. To see the bill and our analysis of it, please use this link.

In a past sessions, an example was used to justify the need to require that guns be locked up. That example was when Matthew Randall (13) used his father’s gun to shoot and kill his 10 year old sister.

Matthew’s father was a Clark County Sheriff’s Sergeant.

We were told over and over that this tragedy was a justification for mandating locked guns. Oddly though, SB 283 EXEMPTS police.

On another note, we have added a page to our website that should make your activism a bit easier.

It’s a collection of links to help you find information on local legislation and act on it. If you have suggestions for added links, please let us know. That page can be viewed here.

Thanks for all you have done to protect our First AND Second Amendment rights.