2010 Candidates’ Page

The candidate ratings for the 2010 General Election can be seen here. We have rated candidates for Governor, State Senator and State House Representative.Candidate ratings for Federal Offices appear here.

But first, let’s have a look at the latest sell out by the National Rifle Association, who just had to endorse Kurt Schrader, who voted to decimate Oregon gun shows and attempted to silence every pro-gun organization other than the NRA. It may just be time to tell the NRA to SHUT UP.

Candidates were rated  from  +++ to – – -.

What the ratings mean.

+++ is a candidate who is solidly pro-gun and takes a lead on the issue by vocally promoting gun rights and sponsoring legislation.

++ is a candidate who can be counted on to regularly vote pro-gun.

+ is a candidate who usually votes pro-gun.

  0 is a candidate who can go either way, sometimes voting pro-gun, sometimes not.

is a candidate who usually votes anti-gun.

– – is a candidate who can be counted on to vote anti-gun.

  – – – is a candidate who is a solid anti-gunner.

Candidates who hold or have held office were rated principally on their voting history. When surveys were returned, we factored those into the rating.  Candidates who have no voting history  and did NOT return surveys were rated NR (not rated.)  Candidates who have not held office were rated solely on their candidate survey when returned,unless they had some definable history on the issue of Second Amendment rights.

In most cases, the highest rating we gave someone who has not held office is a single plus (+).
There were a few exceptions based on the history of that individual.

Of the candidates for Governor no Democrats responded and of the Republicans only Bill Sizemore, William Curtright and Rex Watkins responded. Dudley, Alley and Lim did not respond even though they were each sent surveys twice.  We spoke to Dudley personally at a Tea Party Rally and encouraged him to respond. He has not. (Lim returned our survey 4.27.10)

A copy of the Federal candidate survey is available here.
A copy of the Governor’s Survey is available here.
A copy of the Oregon Senate/House Survey is available here.

Candidates who have not yet responded are invited to download these surveys and return them to OFF.

Voters in Multnomah County may be interested in this letter from the office of the acting Sheriff who is currently running to fill the seat full time.  (No, we don’t understand it either.)

On this page we have links to statements made by candidates for office in 2010. Any candidate may send us a statement along with any supporting material they would like posted such as website links. If you are a candidate and would like your statement posted please contact us.

Loren Hooker. US Senate   (No longer running)

John Kuzmanich Oregon Congressional District 1.  (No longer running)

Delia Lopez, Oregon Congressional District 3.

Jaynee Germond. Oregon Congressional District 4.  (No longer running)

Rex Watkins Governor.  (No longer running)

Simone Gordon. Oregon House Rep. District 8.

Diane Schendel, Oregon House Rep District 36

Jack Brown Josephine County Commissioner.

Mary Starrett Yamhill County Commissioner

Michael Courtney Portland City Commissioner