Columbia County Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance


With the Oregon Legislature tightly in the grasp of Portland liberals, the danger of new, Bloomberg-funded attacks on your rights is a constant threat. Well, if you live in Columbia County, there is something you can do about it.

You can help your county pass a Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance like the people in Coos County did.

Spearheading this drive (only needed because the commissioners of the county refused to stand up themselves) is Chris Brumbles, who just happens to be the Columbia County Coordinator for Oregon Firearms Federation.  He has filed a ballot measure to require Columbia County to adopt a resolution to protect the Second Amendment from more encroachments by the state.

You can read the proposed ordinance here.

You can download a single signer “electronic signature sheet” here.

To submit your signature for the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance, Initiative 16-7 for Columbia County Oregon, you must:

1) Be registered as an eligible voter in Columbia County Oregon.

2) Download and fill out the E Signature Sheet

3) Mail the signed signature sheet to:

Committee for the Preservation of the Second Amendment
C/O Chris Brumbles
64835 Deer Island Heights
Deer Island OR 97054

For more information, or to assist in this effort, please email Chris at