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As of June 2014 their website says:
“If I live out of state, can I get a license?
The statues allow the sheriff to waive the residency requirement for residents of a bordering state (Washington, Idaho, Nevada, or California). You must have a compelling business interest or other legitimate demonstrated need. This need must be put in a letter addressed to the Sheriff’s Office and you must bring it at the time of application. You also need a letter from your state’s Mental Health Division showing that your name does not appear in their database. The only exception is for Washington residents as their database is available to our office. ”

Not all counties requires this.

Their website also says:
State Forest Lands: You may not possess loaded firearms on State forest lands that have been designated by the Forester as “Designated Recreation Areas”. These areas may include, but are not limited to campgrounds, camping areas, day use areas, trailheads, staging areas, and boat launch sites. (OAR 629-025-0050)

This is not correct. Possession of firearms is NOT prohibited in those places.