CHL Central – Deschutes County


Sheriff L. Shane Nelson
63333 W Hwy 20
Bend, OR 97703
phone 541-388-6655
CHL phone 541-383-4425

Note, as of 03.18.2020, the Deschutes Sheriff’s website states that in order to receive a CHL you must provide :

6. Proof of US Citizenship​. Applicants who were not born in the US but who have become naturalized US citizens or who were born in a foreign country as a US citizen must present proof of citizenship at the time of appointment.

However Oregon law quite clearly states that you may apply if the applicant :


(a)(A) Is a citizen of the United States; or

      (B) Is a legal resident alien who can document continuous residency in the county for at least six months and has declared in writing to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services the intent to acquire citizenship status and can present proof of the written declaration to the sheriff at the time of application for the license;

(166.291 Issuance of concealed handgun license; application;)

Please note. As of 03.19.2020  the Deschutes County Sheriff  has informed us they will be updating their website to correct this.