2022 Oregon Senate Primary Candidate Ratings

This list is Republicans seeking Oregon Senate Seats.

Not all Senate seats are up for election each cycle. So some districts will show no candidates. Those seats will be contested in the next election cycle.

Senate candidates with an “*” next to their names are not technically Senate incumbents but are currently Oregon House Reps now seeking Senate seats.  Since all of them were part of the class of Oregon House Republicans who sold out and caved to the Democrats, we are treating them as incumbents .

The only two current Republican Oregon Senators who are running for reelection are Kim Thatcher and Bill Kennemer.

Thatcher has long been a reliable and committed pro-gun legislator. She walked out in 2021 when many in her caucus stayed behind to assist the Democrats in passing anti-rights legislation. We wish we had more like her.

Kennemer is among the most useless of all perennial politicians. He retired and then asked to be appointed to a seat vacated by Alan Olsen.  This guy simply will not go away. A vote for Kennemer is a vote for Democrat policies. Arrogant and ignorant, Kennemer is everything people hate in the world of people whose profession is feeding off the public.

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Kevin ChristmanState Senator, 3rd DistrictNo100%
Randy SparacinoState Senator, 3rd DistrictNoDid Not Respond
Cedric R Hayden*State Senator, 6th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Raquel M IvieState Senator, 7th DistrictNoDid Not Respond
Valerie Draper WoldeitState Senator, 8th DistrictNo71.4%
Raquel Moore-Green*State Senator, 10th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Marcello De CiccoState Senator, 11th DistrictNoDid Not Respond
Kim ThatcherState Senator, 11th DistrictYes100%Endorsed
John D VelezState Senator, 13th DistrictNoDid Not Respond
Carolina MalmedalState Senator, 15th DistrictNoNo working email.
Suzanne Weber*State Senator, 16th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
John VerbeekState Senator, 17th DistrictNo78.7%
Kimberly RiceState Senator, 18th DistrictNoDid Not Respond
Ben EdtlState Senator, 19th DistrictNo100%
Wendy O'RileyState Senator, 19th DistrictNoDid Not Respond
Bill KennemerState Senator, 20th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Tim M LargeState Senator, 20th DistrictNoDid Not Respond
Christopher J MorrisetteState Senator, 20th DistrictNoLATE SURVEY 100%
Stan CathermanState Senator, 24th DistrictNoDid Not Respond
Steve BatesState Senator, 26th DistrictNo100%
Daniel G Bonham*State Senator, 26th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Michael J NugentState Senator, 26th DistrictNoDid Not Respond