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The Resurrection of a Very Bad Idea


You may recall in 2016, Senator Floyd Prozanski introduced SB 1551.

This piece of legislation bordered on the surreal. It was something that would have been considered too extreme for the Cold War Kremlin.

Basically, it allowed people with zero qualifications to make anonymous accusations that resulted in lost gun rights for whoever they accused of experiencing a “mental health emergency.”

If this accusation was made against you, you not only lost your right to buy a firearm, but you were not even allowed to know this accusation was made against you or by whom. If you wanted to challenge it, it would be totally at your expense. This bill was flat out evil and typical of the kind of attack we have come to expect from Prozanski.

Thanks to your hard work and activism this bill died the death it so richly deserved.

We have just received a draft for a bill that attempts to recreate the goals of SB 1551. This is a draft only and has not yet been introduced as a bill. We will keep an eye out to see if it is introduced.

While the draft does include some safeguards against the malicious abuses we certainly would have seen under SB 1551, it is still a horribly drafted and pointless attack on gun owners.

Most of the things a court could take into account to take away your guns and your gun rights are already disqualifiers for firearm’s possession.

We do not know who is behind this at this time. But we do know that if this is introduced as a bill, there is a great likelihood that efforts will be made to amend it to use it as a weapon against all gun owners.

Please contact Senate President Peter Courtney and tell him that LC 1768 is a dangerous idea that could easily morph into a SB 1551 type attack on all gun owners. Remind Courtney that the reckless behavior of past legislatures has Oregon facing billions of dollars in debt, and any rational lawmaker should be concentrating on fixing that.

Courtney’s contact info is:

Phone: 503-986-1600