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Bad Idea Becomes A Bad Bill


Yesterday we told you about LC 1767 , a draft for a bill that would allow a “household member” or law enforcement agent to request that a person’s guns and rights be taken away if they convinced a court that the person was an “extreme risk.” 

Today we can report that the draft has been introduced as SB 868.

It’s no surprise that Ginny Burdick is one of the bill’s sponsors. The other sponsor however, is Senator Brian Boquist who has long been a supporter of gun rights.

While the Boquist’s sponsorship is no doubt well intentioned, we still believe the bill is both misguided and counter productive. Many of the factors a court could take into account for revoking a person’s Second Amendment rights would already disqualify them from having a firearm, but the court is also allowed to consider whether the accused acquired or attempted to acquire a firearm or ammunition in the last 180 days!

That could be many of us and is a pretty scary reason to take someone’s rights and property away.

Given the anti-gun bias prevalent in Oregon courts, especially in Multnomah County, this bill has the potential to be very dangerous.

Please contact Senate President Peter Courtney and tell him that SB 868 is a bad idea. Point out that while the bill claims to be, in part, an effort to prevent suicide, there is nothing in it that restricts the accused’s rights to have prescription drugs, knives or car keys. Instead of seeking real solutions, this bill is just another attempt to demonize gun owners.

Courtney’s contact info is:

Phone: 503-986-1600