Oregon Firearms Federation Political Action Committee

OFF PAC is the political action committee of the Oregon Firearms Federation.

Originally founded to battle the notorious “Measure 5,” (Sheriff Noelle’s Scam) your contributions to OFF-PAC are used to help elect men and women who still believe in your God given right to self protection.

More importantly, OFFPAC is the single best way to torpedo the campaigns of candidates who think your freedoms are negotiable.

Your contributions to OFFPAC qualify for a credit on your Oregon State income tax.

Contributions of up to $50.00 for an individual and $100.00 for a married couple can be taken right off any money you owe the state of Oregon at tax time.

That means money that would have gone to the government can go to OFFPAC and its efforts to keep freedom haters out of office. In other words, your contribution could cost you NOTHING.

Oregon’s tax credit for PAC’s is a great deal, but many are confused about the rules. Below we’ve listed some facts about PAC’s you should know.

If your contribution is more than $100.00 we are required to request the name and location of your employer, and your occupation. Please note, your donation has to exceed $100.00 per year for us to need this info.  A specific occupation is required, such as medical doctor or rancher. “Businessman” is not accepted.  Please note that in the past we only needed an occupation OR an employer’s address. Now we need both, but ONLY if your donation is greater than $100.00. If you are self employed we still need your occupation but not an employer’s address. You may also simply list “not employed.”

Once again, you may take a credit of up to $50.00 if you file alone or up to $100.00 if you file jointly with your spouse.

You may contribute as much as you like, however, the tax credit limit is $50.00 for an individual and $100.00 for a married couple per year. We do not need any information on your spouse.

In other words, if Mr. Smith donates $100.00 and files jointly with Mrs. Smith, the Smiths can take the $100.00 tax credit, but Mr. Smith would not have to provide Mrs. Smith’s info to us. And we would only need the employer info for the person who made the donation if the donation exceeded $100.00 per year.

The person who signs the check or owns the credit card is considered the contributor, unless you indicate otherwise. So, the information about name and occupation needs to be from the “giver.”

However, if, for example, your spouse signs a check, but the contribution is from you, you need only tell us that and you will be reported as the contributor regardless of who signed the check or owns the credit card. We do NOT need the occupation of both husband and wife for you to take advantage of the $100.00 tax credit, only the person who is considered the contributor, and only if your donations are greater than $100.00

Please call us if you have any question about the best way to take advantage of this credit.

To contribute, please use this linkWhen donating online please be sure to note that your contribution is for the PAC so you will be receive the correct receipt for tax purposes. Use the drop down menu labeled “Donation Category.”

Beginning January 1, 2014 there is an income limitation for the Oregon Political Tax Credit.  The credit is eliminated for contributors with federal adjusted gross income of over $150,000 for a joint tax return and $75,000 for other individual tax returns.