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PLEASE NOTE. We have one  donation page for both new joiners and existing members. If you are donating for the first time your donation makes you a member.   A donation to any of our three organizations, (OFF,OFFPAC, or our Educational Foundation) makes you a member of OFF.
If you want to donate to the lawsuit against ballot Measure 114 please choose the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation from the Donation Category drop down menu. Thank you.

Due to the unprecedented demands of the current lawsuit, we may be delayed in acknowledging your donation or new membership.  To make sure you are added to our alert list promptly please use this link:

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For reasons we cannot explain, we often get regular mail a week to a month after it is sent. If you donate by US Mail and don’t receive a response right away that could be why.

NOTE. We strongly discourage the use of PAYPAL. PAYPAL now has a policy that allows them to steal whatever donations you make if they object to something we say or post. See more here.

We provide the included link because some donors prefer to use PAYPAL  but recommend against it.

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