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Another Victory…For Now.




As you know, our federal lawsuit against Ballot Measure 114 is proceeding at what can only be called a glacial pace. The 9th Circuit shows no signs of wanting to issue a ruling that will almost certainly be reconsidered by the US Supreme Court.

However, we do have important news on the State case.

After a Judge in Harney County declared the clearly unconstitutional Ballot Measure 114, well…unconstitutional, the state immediately declared its intention to appeal that ruling.

The Oregon Department of “Justice” not only wants to disarm Oregonians at a very dangerous time, it wants to do it as quickly and completely as possible.

So not only did they file an appeal, they also took the unusual step of asking the Appeals Court to implement the measure before the appeal was even heard.  

Typically when a request is made to “stay” a decision of a court, it is done to protect the “status quo” while the matter is litigated. However in this case (as the Appeals Court has noted) the State asked to “stay” the injunction against Mz 114 to turn the status quo on its head and immediately turn thousands upon thousands of Oregonians into criminals.

Today we have received word from our attorney in the state case that the Oregon Appeals Court has denied the state’s request and as such, Measure 114, along with all its intended and very evil consequences remains “on hold” and not in force.  

This is very good news in a very anti-gun state.  We are grateful for the excellent work attorney Tony Aiello is doing in this case.

We are also grateful for the assistance from Firearms Policy Coalition and Second Amendment Foundation in this matter.

But we are long way from having this nightmare behind us.  We are still funding two lawsuits  and only your support has allowed us to get this far.

Please consider any help you can provide to cover the mounting expenses of holding the gun grabbers at bay.

You can make a secure online donation here. 

That page also has address information if you prefer to donate by check.

Thank you for your tireless support.

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Update on Mz 114 and HB 2005


Mz 114 and HB 2005 Update

We’ve been getting lots of questions about the status of Ballot Measure 114 lawsuits and House Bill 2005 that was passed last year. 

Measure 114 was declared unconstitutional in the state lawsuit in Harney County in November of last year.  Because of that decision, no parts of the measure can be implemented.  However, as expected, the State of Oregon has filed an appeal.  That appeal has not yet been scheduled to be heard at the State Appellate Court but could be heard as early as late summer or early fall.   If the state wins the appeal, Measure 114 could go into effect immediately, even without a system in place to issue permits.  As for our federal lawsuit, we have filed for appeal. It will be heard when the Federal Appellate court schedules it.  There is a similar case against standard capacity magazines bans currently in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California.   

The 9th Circuit has decided they will not hear our appeal until after that case is decided. While a ruling could come at any time, it is possible that the 9th will delay this as long as possible in hopes that the makeup of the Supreme Court will change and firearms related cases will be decided against gun owners.

These same  9th Circuit judges previously ruled against the Second Amendment and said this ban was constitutional.   Only time will tell.

The portion of HB2005 pertaining to serial numbers for unfinished frames and receivers goes into effect September 1st 2024.  That means that you cannot possess an unfinished, unassembled, home-made, or even a complete frame, receiver, or firearm unless it has a serial number that meets the requirements of ATF regulations, and is applied by an authorized FFL. 

Firearms manufactured before October 22nd, 1968 are exempt.  If you would like to have  personally made firearm serialized, you will need to find an FFL licensed to do so.  Those licensed to manufacture firearms and many licensed gunsmiths are authorized. 

Keep in mind, 2005 has a pretty much blanket prohibition on unserialized firearms and things that may one day become firearms.  2005 has a specific exemption for specified license holders to take possession of these objects for the purpose of applying a serial number. However, there is no corresponding exception for the owner of the device to be in possession of it at all.

So while the licensed party can legally receive one to apply a serial number, the person who brings it in is still breaking the law and subject to prosecution for possession.

Under the language of HB 2005, If you wait until after September 1st to have one engraved, the FFL can only return your property after a background check is approved, and then, only after verification that you have a permit to purchase.  That permit does not exist and there is no legislation currently in place to implement such a program.  This element of the law relies on the implementation of Ballot Measure 114, but while that measure is currently “on hold” HB 2005 is not. So how it will be enforced is anyone’s guess. But as noted above, even if you want to apply a serial number, you will already be breaking the law simply by being in possession.  

There is a component of HB2005 pertaining to “undetectable firearms.” This was the brain child of Senator James Manning and is comical and buffoonish. Now Manning wants to be Secretary of State. If you think things were bad under the corrupt Shemia Fagan you ain’t seen nothing yet.

That component also mimics long standing federal regulation and has no place in state law.  You can read the complete measure here:

Republican leadership said they allowed HB2005 to pass because it was simply parroting new federal regulations.  If that was the case, why does Oregon need to repeat federal law in state law?  The federal regulation has since been declared unconstitutional by a federal judge and is on hold, but it is now the law in Oregon.  This is what happens when you “compromise” with liberal legislators.  Passing the law does nothing for public safety since it was already on the books.  It was virtue signaling, pure and simple, and was held over the heads of weak politicians.  Some have said that the value of a firearm serial number for solving crime is as valuable as a chalk outline on the sidewalk.

Republican House members stood on the steps of the Capitol and held a fake cardboard check for $25,000, saying it was for a lawsuit against the bill.  Repeated emails to both House Reps Breese-Iverson and Helfrich to find out how far they’ve gone with the lawsuit have gone unanswered.  We expect better from the people we hired to represent us, and they should know that they are causing their loyalty to “we the people“ to be questioned.  They need to be held accountable if they want our support for re-election.  Call and write them, let them know that Oregonians deserve better.

Jeff Helfrich 503-986-1452

Vikki Breese Iverson 503-986-1459

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Beware The Hustle


The Hustle


It’s campaign season, the time when politicians make new promises they have no plans to keep and pretend the ones they made last time never happened.

And it’s a time when everyone running for office will be asking you to send them money so they can continue to do the amazing work they have done so far.

We get it. Campaigns are expensive and there is no way around the need to raise funds.  But sometimes things just get…shameless.

We receive, as many of you do, an endless stream of mass emails from legislators boasting about accomplishments they never had, ignoring their repeated sell outs, and now suggesting that you be part of one fight or another by “adding your name” to some pointless and phony “petition” which takes you immediately to a page to send them money. It’s a gimmick of course, but some are just downright insulting.

Yesterday we received an email fundraiser from Republican House Rep Cyrus Javadi.

The email opened with bold type, some in alarming red.

Last month while we were caught up in session, the Oregon Department of Justice filed a motion to stay for Measure 114, which threatens our Second Amendment rights. M114 would be the most extreme anti-firearm law in the country, which is why it has lost at every stage of this case thus far.”

Gun owners in Oregon, and in fact nationwide, are well acquainted with Measure 114, because they have been generously funding the two lawsuits to stop it.  They are, to be sure, a lot better acquainted with it than Javadi seems to be and know damn well it has not “lost at every stage of this case so far.” 

While a state judge has placed an injunction on the measure, it’s well known that a Federal Judge in Portland, Karin Immergut, has declared this demented measure fully constitutional.  If she has her way, and Measure 114 takes effect, gun sales in Oregon will end and countless Oregon gun owners will become instant criminals. As you know, we are currently in the process of appealing this absurd federal decision and will be fighting the Department of “Justice” in the Oregon Appeals Court.

Javadi’s email goes on:

Friend, despite the fact that this measure has been deemed unconstitutional every step of the way, the Oregon DOJ is still working tirelessly to get it implemented. We must stop the Attorney General and the progressive left from stripping away our Second Amendment rights in our state.”   Take action by signing the petition and voicing your opposition for the Oregon Department of Justice to hear.

Of course, the hyperlink in Javadi’s email takes you to… a petition. A petition no judge will ever see or give a damn about. But that petition takes you to the real point of Javadi’s email.  His donation page.

Javadi concludes his email with Friend, let’s stop this measure once and for all.

Apparently Javadi thinks Oregon’s gun owners are idiots.  He, and the other House Republicans have done nothing to “stop this measure” and are powerless to do anything about it.  But the steps they could have taken to protect gun owners, at no risk to their precious political futures, were never taken. Let’s not forget the disgraceful bait and switch they pulled in the 2023 session when they helped pass HB 2005 by providing the quorum the Democrats needed to ban personally made firearms.

All the House Republicans had to do to kill that bill, and other awful legislation, was stay home. And they would not even have risked the “unexcused absences” that have cost a number of brave Oregon Senators their seats. But they didn’t. Javadi and his fellow Republican House Reps did the bidding of the Democrats and dutifully showed up to grease the skids for another outrageous and unconstitutional attack on your rights.

But then to complete the charade, the House Republicans posed on the Capitol Steps with a giant fake check and posted a photo on social media with the text “Today, despite House Republicans raising significant constitutional issues against House Bill 2005 B, House Democrats passed their omnibus gun control bill. In response House Republicans have pledged $25,000.00 towards the inevitable litigation.”

As you know, $25,000.00 dollars would barely be a downpayment on a lawsuit of this kind. But it doesn’t matter. No one has ever seen a dime of it and now Republican House Reps run for cover when you ask them what happened to their photo-op lawsuit.

You are the reason there are court battles to stop Measure 114. Javadi and the Republican House Reps have done nothing to help in this battle and it’s disgraceful that they would try to use this vicious attack on your rights to hustle you.

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Session Wrap UP


2024 Session Wrap Up



The 2024 Oregon Legislative session is over, and the best we can say is “it could have been worse.”

(This sounds a lot like what many Republicans tell us when we question their actions… “well the Democrats are worse.”)

Of course, no session would be complete without the passage of at least one more bill attacking your gun rights. 

This session it was SB 1503.  We told you about this bill here.  And as we told you then, “Republican” Senators (Hansell and Anderson) joined the attack on your rights. Now a new and endless stream of your money will be shoveled over to the anti-gun extremists at the Oregon Department of “Justice” to prepare reports that will say we must ban guns. You can take that to the bank.

When the session closed we received a raft of mass emails from Republican legislators lauding  bipartisanship.”

The Democrats chimed in with this bizarre quote: As Speaker, Rayfield fostered a culture of respect and bipartisan collaboration, establishing an open-door policy of over-communication–in agreement and even more so when in disagreement–and Disney-level customer service.”

We are not sure what that means but it does demonstrate a remarkable lack of self awareness.  When you have total dictatorial control and the “opposing” party refuses to step up, you really don’t have to make sense.

Republican Senator David Brock Smith gushed “Thank you to Governor Kotek, Ways & Means Co-Chairs Steiner and Sanchez, President Wagner, Leader Knopp, Leader Lieber, Speaker Rayfield, Leader Helfrich, Leader Fahey, the members of the Legislative Veteran’s Caucus and the House Committee on Emergency Management, General Government and Veterans for your support. Thank you to U.S. Senators Wyden and Merkley, Congresswoman Hoyle, and my legislative colleagues for your support, and a special thank you to our new ODVA Director Dr. Nakeia Council Daniels for her incredible leadership and support.”

Notice only two “Republicans” were thanked in that obsequious and fawning display of groveling.

Democrat Senate President Rob Wagner, who refused to allow excused absences even for religious or medical reasons, and thereby ended the legislative careers of some of the best Republican Senators, absurdly quipped:

“This legislative session is proof that when legislators put aside our differences and work together toward a common goal, we can make real progress on the biggest issues facing our state. I truly want to thank my colleagues for coming to the table in good faith and advocating on behalf of all Oregonians. No doubt there is much work ahead of us, but I am confident that the actions we took this session to combat the drug crisis and expand access to housing will move our state in the right direction,”

Republican House Rep Jamie Cate wrote: I will say that this session had its ups and downs, but ultimately there was a fair amount of bipartisanship which led to constructive policy work and the passage of nearly half of the legislation introduced at the start of session.”

Not to be outdone, even Republican candidates got into the act.

Former Republican Senator Bruce Starr, who is now running for the seat soon to be vacated by Brian Boquist after he and others were sold out by the Republican Senate “leadership,” was quoted saying “I applaud the Governor for listening to the public and I am eager to help craft an alternative transportation plan in the next legislative session.”
(As is so often the case, Starr is behind the curve…)

When Starr last served in the Senate he was videotaped promising anti-gun groups more anti-gun legislation. Comically he told OFF in a meeting years ago that “half the people in his district supported gun control”. We asked him then which half sent him money.  Fortunately his attempts at new gun control bills were thwarted.

And speaking of retreads, as we have noted previously, failed Governor candidate (and horribly failed House Republican Leader) Christine Drazan, is back in the mix attempting to reclaim the House Seat she abandoned in her bid to be Governor.

The seat is currently held by pro-gun stalwart, and former Marine, James Hieb.  Because of his uncompromising conservative views, his Republican colleagues have done everything they could to undermine him, even trying to convince him not to run for election to the seat he was appointed to.  But he did run and he did win. And since that election he has stood on the House Floor making statements no other Republican had the courage to make. 

Drazan, the darling of the failed Republican establishment, asked Hieb to drop out of the race, because, well you know, it is her seat.

Drazan will be remembered as the single most disastrous “leader” in Oregon Republican history. Not only did she refuse to walk out when the Democrats were stomping all over the rights of Oregonians, she regularly voted for their worst bills.

She voted twice for tampons in the bathrooms of kindergarten BOYS and then made false claims that the bill had “been changed” after she voted for it.

She voted to protect one of Tina Kotek’s staffers when she was arrested at an antifa riot. 

She voted to hamstring the police and ban “ropes with loops at their end.”

Drazan made the now famous and astonishingly stupid deal with Tina Kotek which of course, Kotek reneged on when the time was right.

After Derek Chauvin was falsely convicted of killing drug addict felon George Floyd, Drazan tweeted “Guilty. Justice is served.” 

She led the expulsion of House Rep Mike Nearman who was convicted of a CRIME for opening the doors of the Capitol to the people who own the building.  And, after happily cashing checks the Oregon Firearms Political Action Committee wrote to help elect good candidates, she stated on the House Floor that OFF was a “rogue organization.”  But she didn’t send the money back. Speaking of money….remember this?

With primary elections coming up, gun owners will once again have the unenviable job of trying to determine which candidates will do the least damage to their rights.  As you know, some of the best have been locked out of running again, if not in this coming election then the next one.

The Oregon Republican Party continues to do virtually nothing to weed out the frauds like Kevin Mannix and Charlie Conrad or the countless other “Republicans” whose only goal is to get along.  One bright spot however is House Rep Dwayne Yunker who was appointed late in this session to replace Lily Morgan who quit the legislature mid session.

Yunker, another former Marine, has been calling a spade a spade. In an end-of-session email, Yunker wrote The show of seeming bipartisanship came from the House floor, of course. But because the Democrat majority party controls every legislative committee, bills don’t get hearings unless the Dems want them to pass. Agreement and cooperation usually mean going along to get along. I guess after last year, no one wants to hear an unfair “Do Your Job” ever again” The Democrat majority is laughing”.

Yunker also listed the far left groups that will be getting your money:

• $65,000,000 – Project Turnkey

• $25,000,000 – Albina Vision Trust

• $7,000,000 – Urban League of Portland

• $5,265,823 – Bridges to Change

• $3,000,000 – Unite Oregon

• $1,400,000 – 4D Recovery

• $1,250,000 – Center for African Immigrants and Refugees Organization

• $1,000,000 – Seeding Justice

When Yunker voted against HB 4002, the supposed “fix” to Oregon’s legal drug wasteland, he filed a “vote explanation.”  As he noted, after the Democrats removed his vote explanation from the record : “The Democrat majority removed it from OLIS. They say I impugned their integrity. Who, me? I’m sure their motives are pure.”

Not bad for the new guy…


(Update… even Kotek approves…  )




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As you would expect, today’s “informational hearing” on Extreme Risk Protection Orders was actually a far left, gun grabbing, propaganda festival.

Most witnesses represented extremist anti-gun groups. No one with concerns about the implementation of a policy which eliminates due process and allows people to lose their rights and their property without ever having been accused of, let alone convicted of a crime, was allowed to testify.

It was no surprise that the entire point of the hearing was to pave the way to greatly expand the confiscation of firearms. 

One goal is to increase the list of people who can make unfounded and unproven accusations  leading to the state sponsored theft of firearms.

A second one is to promote ERPO’s so more people will be requesting  them.

Among the people the speakers want to add to the list of who can demand a gun confiscation order are ex-spouses , ex-intimate partners and medical personnel.

When this law was first promoted by Senator Brian Boquist, people expressed concerns that it might be used by angry, vindictive ex-spouses.  He ridiculed the idea and the people who suggested it.

You reap what you sow.

The presenters also want to be able to confiscate guns from adults by claiming their children are dangerous.

You can rest assured that soon, probably as soon as next session, we will see these gun grabbing dreams introduced as legislation.

You can see some of the propaganda presented here.

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Bogus “Suicide” Bill Passes. Republicans Help.

Bogus “Suicide” Bill Passes. Republicans Help.
Drazan Is Back.


SB 1503 was passed by the Senate today.

This is the bill that will squander even more of your tax dollars by shoveling it to the Oregon Department of Justice to “study” firearm’s related suicide.

The Department of Justice has already spent MILLIONS of your tax dollars trying to end all firearm’s sales in Oregon by defending Mz 114, so we are pretty confident about what conclusions the Department of “Justice” is going to reach about the issue. But you know what they say about spending other people’s money.

Please note, the state has exactly zero concerns or interest in any suicide that does not involve a firearm, a fact that was pointed out by more than one Republican legislator. The ruling junta in Oregon does not care about why people commit suicide nor have they expressed the slightest interest in addressing the issue. The Democrats are simply, and obviously, just looking for another way to demonize gun ownership while the streets are littered with overdose victims.

Given the large amounts of money Democrats have taken from the supporters of legalizing addictive poison, this is no surprise.

And what is also not a surprise is the fact that two Republican Senators voted for this garbage. Senators Anderson and Hansell climbed into the sack with the Democrats working overtime to end gun ownership.

Lucky for Oregon, Hansell is on his way out. It could not come a day sooner. Oregonians are still saddled with Senator Anderson and that is a shame.  But until the Oregon Republican Party starts demanding that people who run and get elected as Republicans, actually VOTE like Republicans we will be stuck with losers…and losing.

The bill now heads to the House where Republicans have made a career of rolling over to their Democrat overlords.

Tomorrow at 8am, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding an “informational” hearing on extreme risk protection orders. Invited testimony only. You know where this is going.  A collection of far left gun grabbers will be demanding expanded gun confiscation with no due process.

And if you think that’s not enough bad news, we have been reliably informed that the Christine Drazan, who did more to damage the House Republican Caucus than anyone in recent memory, is going to run against pro-gun champion James Hieb, who has made the mistake of supporting her in her past failed efforts to be governor.

If you think the House Republicans are a mess now, their failures are just a down payment on what we will face when the Republican establishment  does what it has been doing and throws Hieb under the bus for the cartel candidate.


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Turning Despair Into Dollars For Democrats


Today, as expected, and to the surprise of exactly no one, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed SB 1503 onto the full Senate with a “do pass” recommendation on a party line vote.

Submitted testimony was overwhelmingly in opposition even after a gun control group supplied bogus statistics that were cut and pasted by numerous people supporting the bill.

Make no mistake, 1503 is another effort to end gun ownership and make you pay to have your rights stolen.(Republican Senator Bill Hansell is a sponsor.)

While the original bill devoted hundreds of thousands of your taxpayer dollars to the provably deceitful Oregon Health Authority, the adopted, amended bill now sends that money to the militantly anti-rights Oregon Department of Justice. The language of the bill puts no cap on how much of your money the Department of Justice will get to crush gun rights in Oregon.

The Oregon DOJ has already squandered millions of your dollars in an effort to implement a gun ban in Oregon, and they are not done yet.

(While the linked story is mostly accurate, we advise against assuming anything you read in the cartel media is true. Last Saturday KGW ran a story saying the Supreme Court had  just weighed in on MZ 114. Their source for this “news” was Oregon Public Broadcasting.  The only problem was the story they were stealing from was a year old. KGW’s hilariously wrong report, much like the promises of Oregon House Republicans, has been flushed down the memory hole with no correction we could find.)

1503 will shovel more of your money to DOJ to use to create “studies” whose outcome is pre-determined.

Hundreds of thousands have been promised to some unnamed “third party” to pay for the “research.”

We have it on good authority that the “third party” will be another left leaning “non-profit” favored by Oregon’s Democrats, who just happen to get support… from left leaning “non-profits.”

We could save the taxpayers a lot of money and provide for free what the DOJ is going to enrich themselves creating:

“Guns are bad, guns should be banned, guns cause suicide. Oregonians need to be disarmed.”

There is the coming report in a nutshell. You’re welcome Floyd Prozanski.

This flushing of taxpayer money will come at a time that the Democrats are simultaneously declaring that Oregon is awash in cash* and they need massive new taxes. Meanwhile Republicans have once again joined Democrats to add to Oregon’s massive employee retirement debt with another bill you and your grandchildren will have to pay for.

Because of deadlines it does appear that the other major gun control bill, HB 4096 is not going to move.  But that is by no means a sure thing as the language in it can always be stuffed into other bills. As of now, all the Republicans who were cosponsoring the bill have removed their names. Independent. former Republican, Brian Boquist is still a sponsor.

The battle against Mz 114 continues with the State attempting to force the measure into effect even before their appeal has been heard.  And of course, you are paying for it.



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Anti-gun Hearing Held. No Surprises.

Cashing In On Gun Control


The hearing on SB 1503, which we warned you about here, was exactly what you would have expected. A litany of leftists demanding more restrictions on firearms possession.

Of course there was the usual parade of horror stories of one or another subset of society shooting each other with not a word that these shootings were done by “people.” It was the guns that did it.

Republican Senator Bill Hansell came to praise the Democrat Senate President and lend his support for this latest taxpayer funded, back door, gun grab. This should not be a surprise since Hansell has stuck it to his constituents in the past on gun control.

Hansell  was also one of two Republican Senators who crawled into the sack with the far left in an aborted attempt to screw two conservative, pro-gun Republican Senators who also served as Republican Party leaders. This kind of shameless treachery and back stabbing has few parallels in Oregon history, but of course went unpunished. Mercifully neither Hansell, nor his partner in that disgraceful episode are seeking reelection. Let’s see what kind of damage they can do in the time they have left.

In what has become a repeated occurrence, numerous people who had signed up to testify, whose names we recognize as supporters of gun rights, mysteriously were unable to connect. This happens with the regularity of a metronome.

One bright spot was the testimony of Wallowa County Commissioner Todd Nash who did an excellent job of exposing what this bill is really all about; a “recipe for more distrust”.

We thank him for his efforts.

It should be noted that written testimony was overwhelmingly in opposition to the bill.The testimony in support leaves no doubt what the intention of the supporters is. More gun bans.

An amendment has been offered to the bill that would change the organization cashing in on this gun grab from the inept and deceitful Oregon Health Authority to the Department of Justice.

And why not? The OHA will almost certainly complete research that recommends more gun control. But why take a chance when you can enrich the Department of “Justice” which has already spent millions of your tax dollars to eliminate lawful firearms possession?

We will keep you informed as this bill makes its way through this session.


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Wasting no time in their attacks on gun rights, the Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing on  for SB 1503 for TOMORROW.

No doubt the supporters of this bill were notified well in advance.

The bill sends a very large pile of money to the Oregon Health Authority to “research”  “gun violence and suicide.”  This is the same OHA that we told you has hidden research that did not please the Democrat overlords who requested it.

“The Act makes a task force to stop gun violence and suicide. The Act provides money for research on gun violence and suicide.” 

As you would expect, the task force will consist only of anti 2nd Amendment activists. No one who supports gun rights will be allowed to participate.

We all know where this is going.  More of your money spent to craft new ways to eliminate your rights. 

The hearing is tomorrow in Senate Judiciary at 1PM.  It’s safe to say the anti-rights crowd will have been prepared and will be in attendance. 

You can register to testify in person or remotely using this link:

On that page you will see a box with “Register to Testify” next to it. Click on that box to register.

If you cannot be there you can still submit testimony noting that SB 1503 is another payoff to the anti-gun left and another attempt to silence gun owners.

You can use this link to submit written testimony.

Clearly the Republican’s fantasy that there would be no gun bills has been put to rest.


UPDATE.  An amendment to the bill has been introduced.

This amendment adds,”A representative of a community-based firearm safety and  protocols program” (which sure won’t be a pro gun group) and now funnels the money to the Department of Justice instead of the Oregon Health Authority.  Why give all that money to a agency that might support gun bans when you can give it to one that has already spent millions to do it?

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“Gun Violence” Can Be Very Profitable


“Gun Violence” Can Be Very Profitable


Hot on the heels of HB 4096, which we warned you about yesterday, we now have SB 1503. “The Act makes a task force to stop gun violence and suicide.”

Because a “task force” created by far left freedom haters is going to stop gun violence and stuff. And lo and behold, guess who gets to cash in?

Our old friends at the Oregon Health Authority, those good folks who didnt bring you the report they created that contradicted what their overlords in the Democrat junta wanted them to say.

Section 2 of the bill says:

In addition to and not in lieu of any other appropriation, there is appropriated to the Oregon Health Authority, for the biennium ending June 30, 2025, out of the General Fund, the amount of $400,000, which may be expended for the purpose of paying a third party for research ordered by the Task Force on Gun Violence and Suicide Prevention, as authorized under section 1 of this 2024 Act.

Let’s take a look at who is going to be on this “task force” that will put an end to the rampant gun crime that is encouraged by liberal’s promotion of violence and refusal to meaningfully hold criminals accountable.

(a) The President of the Senate shall appoint two members from among members of the Senate, one from the majority party and one from the minority party.

(b) The Speaker of the House of Representatives shall appoint two members from among members of the House of Representatives, one from the majority party and one from the
minority party.

(c) The Governor shall appoint eight members as follows:
(A) A representative of a state public health agency;
(B) A public safety policy advisor to the Governor;
(C) A representative of a nonprofit organization focused on suicide prevention;
(D) A representative of a community-based gun violence intervention program;
(E) A representative of the public health research field;
(F) A behavioral health professional or provider;
(G) An adult behavioral health provider; and
(H) A medical provider who has worked with gun violence victims.

Curiously absent from this roster of luminaries is any representative from any organization that promotes firearms training or supports Second Amendment rights.  Who would have ever thought?

And just who do you suppose the “third party” doing the research will be?  Hmm, maybe another left leaning “non-profit” that donates to Democrats? Just a wild guess there.

We can only assume that after the OHA completes this study and finds out that maybe things would change if criminals were punished, they will bury this report like they did the one on booze taxes.

Now that the Oregon Supreme Court has decided that 10 Republican Senators cannot hold office in the future, we have to wonder which of them will feel the need to come to work and provide a quorum to help the Democrats pass more of this crap.

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Here We Go Again


“If we don’t talk about guns and abortion, we can have a really good session,” House Republican Leader Jeff Helfrich of Hood River told the Salem City Club last week.”

Any chance of that happening is now over as Republicans and Democrats have come together, once more, to attack gun rights.

Independent Brian Boquist, and Republicans Court Boice, Charlie Conrad, and Anna Scharf have joined 10 Democrats to sponsor HB 4096.

While cynically claiming that this session the Republicans are going to “protect Second Amendment rights,” something they sure didn’t do in recent sessions, (Senate Republicans place great importance on protecting the constitutional rights of Oregonians whether it be the 2nd Amendment or the Kicker.) it did not take long for Republicans to join with some of the loudest voices against gun ownership to promote the Democrat’s agenda.

The Act allows FFLs to enter into agreements to hold guns for safety.”

The bill also directs the Oregon Health Authority to “develop, publish and distribute a pamphlet on firearm suicide prevention and the use of firearm hold agreements as defined in section 1 of this 2024 Act as a means of reducing firearm suicide risk.”

The bill makes no mention of any kind of suicide other than those committed with firearms. In fact, it does not even acknowledge that there is any other way to commit suicide, it just reinforces the left’s message that guns are bad and directs the OHA to normalize and promote that message.

The Oregon Health Authority, like all Oregon agencies is a bloated, dishonest, budget eating monster that serves as the propaganda arm for the Democrat Party. That Republicans would choose them to create any information related to gun ownership is startling in its complete lack of awareness.

Under this bill a person who is presumably experiencing a mental health crisis could enter into a “agreement” with a gun dealer to hold his firearms for “an agreed-upon period of time.” And while it gives lip service to legal immunity to gun dealers who return guns to people who have tacitly signaled they are possibly suicidal, in fact it opens the door to endless liability and lawsuits.

The immunity to legal liability does not apply:  (A) If the licensee returns the firearm to a person the licensee knows, or reasonably should know, is a danger to self or others.

You can bet that Oregon’s trial lawyers will see a goldmine in that carve out. After all, if someone drops off their guns because they think they are suicidal, what dealer has the qualifications to determine they are not?

If the Oregon Legislature truly wanted to create a system where a person in crisis could leave their firearms in safe harbor, they could repeal the senseless and dangerous law that makes it nearly impossible and legally dangerous to leave firearms with a trusted friend or family member. Instead they are creating a whole new bureaucracy wrapped in red tape that puts gun dealers in jeopardy and exposes gun owners to embarrassment and humiliation at the worst possible time.

Don’t forget, the Democrats who are controlling Salem want nothing more that to shut down every FFL in Oregon. That is why they are spending millions of your tax dollars to protect Mz 114 against our lawsuits. But beyond that, the bill ignores and refuses to address the legal mess it will create for people who want to get their guns back.

Since these guns are not being repaired, there will not be the background check exemption for gunsmithing. Given the Oregon State Police’s horrendous record completing background checks, and given our current governor’s unbridled hatred for gun owners, what directives do you think OSP will get about approving checks for people who have already implied they are suicidal?

The Oregon Democrats are determined to end gun ownership in the state. The Oregon Democrats determine the agenda. The Oregon Democrats have complete control over this bill and any amendments and added restrictions they can imagine. Boquist and the Republicans are living in a fantasy world if they think this bill is anything less than another back door attack on gun rights. Especially when a real fix is so simple. 

Last session, after the most conservative Senators sacrificed their political futures to stop the left’s endless assault on liberty, Republican “leadership” sold them out and helped pass the Democrat’s agenda. Now Boquist, Conrad, Boice and Scharf seem ready to help them again.  Let them know that 4096 is a Democrat tool and to stop helping the other side. Boquist and Conrad both have a history of promoting anti-gun legislation. Scharf and Boice should know better.



Senator Brain Boquist

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1712



Representative Court Boice

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1401



Representative Charlie Conrad

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1412



Representative Anna Scharf

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1423


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We Are On A Tightrope


The major victory that gun owners achieved when a state court judge declared Mz 114 unconstitutional is in jeopardy. Of course, that’s not a surprise.

Between the two lawsuits filed against the measure, one in Federal Court and one in state court in Harney County, Oregon has spent countless millions of your money to eliminate your gun rights.

The Democrats, and their Department of “Justice,” have displayed a white-hot hatred for law-abiding gun owners and blind rage fed by your tax dollars.

The far left had a temporary victory in Federal Court, where a judge openly defied the directions of the US Supreme Court. However, their efforts to render Oregonians defenseless in the face of the criminal mobs they support were dealt a serious blow when Mz 114 was struck down in state court.

But rest assured, the battle is far from over. As long as Kotek and her lackeys have unlimited access to your money, they will not stop attacking your rights and your property.

The Federal Judge’s decision that a complete ban on firearms transfers and a ban on virtually all firearm’s magazines is constitutional was absurd, of course, and it is being appealed. We have no doubt that her politically motivated orders will eventually be overturned when rational judges examine her bizarre ruling.

But as you know, that will not happen quickly. In the meantime, we need to focus our efforts on defending the victory gun owners had in state court.

Kotek and the Department of “Justice” have not only vowed to appeal this positive ruling, but they have also gone a step further and asked that the measure, which has been declared unconstitutional in every aspect, be enforced while it is being appealed!

This is normal legal practice turned on its head. It is also a sign of just how determined they are to make sure the anarchist thugs they answer to can continue to rule the streets while you and your family are stripped of your ability to defend yourselves. We absolutely cannot let them win this one.

As you know, our Foundation has been paying the costs of the Federal lawsuit. But now we have been asked to assist in the state case that was handled brilliantly and successfully by attorney Tony Aiello. While the costs of the Federal trial have been the largest we have ever had to face, we have agreed to do what we can to help fund the state effort.

The Oregon legislative session is starting soon. If the past is any indication, most of the elected Republicans will fold up and surrender. That means we are going to face a very uphill battle in Salem. The best Senators we have were sold out by their “leadership” after risking their political futures, and the Republicans in the House handed a victory to the gun grabbers when they could have won with no risk to themselves. Then they promised to file a lawsuit against the gun control bill they helped pass, and that turned out to be another bait and switch. That means that whether we like it or not, these court battles are going to be front and center in our fight for the Second Amendment and sanity.

The Harney County victory rocked the leftist elites back on their heels. They are furious, they are vengeful, and they are awash in your money. Gun owners have truly shown themselves to be David in a battle with Goliath. But our rights are hanging on the very edge right now. We absolutely must defend this critical victory. Every single dime will count. We hope we can count on you again.

Please consider whatever you can contribute to help us keep the people who hate freedom at bay.

You can make a secure online donation here:

That link includes a mailing address if you prefer to donate through the mail; however, we have noticed that mail service has become less and less reliable.

Thank you very much for standing up for the Second Amendment in Oregon.

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They’re Starting Early


Before the Oregon Legislative session has even begun, the far left that controls the state and intimidates Republicans into subservience is at work attacking your gun rights.

Today the “Joint Committee on Legislative Audits” held hearings on “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” and domestic violence.

Here is the  “report” on extreme risk protection orders provided by the Secretary of State.

You will note that it states Based on data provided by OSP, active ERPO respondents tend to be young to middle-aged white men, but the population is small.”

The report does note that a person can be the victim of an ERPO for the “crime” of having lawfully purchased a firearm within the last 180 days. It also notes that a person can lose their gun rights for recently using legal marijuana. It also notes that the overwhelming number of ERPOs are requested by police.

One thing the report does not mention is that people who lose their firearm’s and their gun rights based on ERPO’s are forbidden from using positive mental health assessments in their defense.  Nor does it mention that persons who lose their rights and property have not been accused of, let alone convicted of, any crime.  Losing your rights because of an extreme risk protection order merely requires an unproven accusation. Once a person loses his rights and possessions under an ERPO, it becomes his responsibility to challenge the ERPO at his own expense and somehow prove he is not “dangerous.” The victim of the ERPO has no opportunity to defend himself when his rights are taken.

It became clear from testimony at the invitation only hearing, that Democrats are planning to add new restrictions to ERPO’s to give police even more powers to confiscate personal property.

House Rep Nancy Nathanson complained that a violent offender had access to firearms that had not been seized by police. But that was after noting that Oregon let this violent offender free after a violent attack, a policy that Democrats in Oregon champion and embrace.

Data from the Secretary of State (who took over the office when Shemia Fagan resigned after it became known that she was on the payroll of Oregon pot dealers) were largely drafted by the rabidly anti-gun “Everytown for Gun Safety”.

ERPO’s are a dangerous attack on the rights of people who have not even been accused of a crime. When ERPO’s are issued, the police confiscate the firearms of the person who has the order against them, but no other action is taken to assure that they are not dangerous. All manner of dangerous items are still available to the truly dangerous and those people are not removed from a household nor is that person incarcerated, leaving truly dangerous persons free to act violently.

When this law was passing through committee years ago, an amendment was offered that required that if a person was going to lose his rights and possessions because someone accused them of being mentally unbalanced, some effort would have to be made to assure that the person received  some mental health assistance. That  amendment was immediately shot down by the Democrats controlling the committee. Any doubt that this law was always intended to be an attack on gun rights evaporated then and there.

It’s safe to say that in the coming “short session” there will be more attacks on gun rights even though these sessions were intended to be for minor tweaks to existing law and to address fiscal issues.  The Democrats have been claiming they want to concentrate on Oregon’s drug fiasco and rampant homelessness. But do not count on it.  The delays in the implementation of Measure 114 restrictions have Democrats furious so we fully expect more restrictions on firearms to be coming.

The first bill to expand gun prohibitions has already been introduced in draft form. And while it claims to be addressing people who have made threats of mass killing, any bill that bans gun ownership has the potential to be amended and expanded to include more people who have done no wrong, and the bill was sponsored by anti-gun fanatic Courtney Neron.

You can view her draft here.

But the Democrats will have no monopoly on bad legislation.

“Republican” gun control supporter Kevin Mannix has already announced his intention to pass more laws that he claims are intended to address “stalkers”. But when Mannix served in the legislature years ago (and promoted anti-gun legislation) he also pushed  “stalking” laws that assumed the guilt of anyone accused. And remember, no bills will see the light of day or be passed unless they serve the needs of the controlling Democrats.

Oregon’s “short” session starts in February.  The legislature is still made up of many Republicans who refuse to stand up for your rights even when they can do so at no risk to themselves.

Get ready for another battle.

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Judge Raschio


Today in Harney County, Judge Rashchio struck down every single objection the state raised to his decision to enjoin Measure 114.

The State is spending millions and millions of your dollars to end firearm’s ownership in Oregon and prosecute Oregonians  who exercise their rights under the US and Oregon’s Constitutions.

Today they were in court explaining why they believed that virtually every conclusion the judge reached in his decision to protect Oregonian’s rights was wrong.

Once again, attorney Tony Aiello reduced their pathetic attempts to an ash heap and the judge agreed, denying every single objection.

As absurd as the entire expensive episode was, the most ridiculous part was when state hack Anit Jindal tried to make the argument that firearms don’t require magazines because… muskets.

The next step in Oregon’s endless war against its most law abiding citizens will no doubt be an appeal to the Judge’s injunction to a higher court, paid for by you. But for now, Happy New Year. The Marxists lose another round.  Thank you Mr. Aiello.

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A Christmas Update


With Christmas just a few days away we know many of you will be traveling to be with loved ones on this holy day.

We wish you a profoundly joyous season in these troubled times and want to thank you for your support, encouragement, and commitment to the principles that once made America the greatest and most free country in history.

We hope you enjoy this day and time with family and friends and wish you safe travels if you will be on the road.

That being said, we want to bring you an update on our ongoing efforts to overturn the absurd and unconstitutional ruling of Judge Karin Immergut . 

As you know, she declared Measure 114, which will essentially end firearm’s sales in Oregon and make criminals out of everyone who owns standard magazines,(a fundamental firearm component) constitutional.

We are very fortunate that a state judge in Harney County reached a very different and far more rational conclusion and placed an injunction against this obscene attack on our rights.

Needless to say the state will continue to spend millions of your dollars to reverse that decision no matter how ridiculous and laughable their arguments may be.

As we have reported, we are appealing Immergut’s ruling. However, in what should come as no surprise the openly anti-gun 9th Circuit has bowed to Oregon’s ruling leftist cabal and agreed to delay dealing with our appeal until after it decides a California case, Duncan et al v Bonta.

While the pretext for this delay is the “conservation of judicial resources” the reality is that the cases are different enough that this is clearly just a tactic to delay addressing this vicious attack on the Second Amendment.  No doubt the plan is to push these decisions back as far as possible while hoping that the Biden administration will have the chance to stack the Supreme Court with more judges who cannot define what a woman is.

You see the court’s order here.

We strongly believe that no matter what games Oregon’s laughably named “Department of Justice” and the 9th Circuit play, we will ultimately prevail.

But for now, Merry Christmas.