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Gun ownership in the age of Obama is a risky undertaking. We hope this website will provide you with information you need to stay informed and safe while the most anti-gun administration in US history is in power. If you have not already done so, we urge you to use the link above to sign up for our low volume but vital legislative alerts.

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10.20.14 They Teach But They Can’t Read

10.17.14 Corvallis To Consider Gun Ban…Again

10.14.14 Gabby Gifford’s War On Women

10.08.14 Corvallis Gun Ban Heard

10.02.14 Portland Slime Now In Corvallis

09.30.14 OSP Stats Show Background Checks Are A Joke

09.26.14 The Sharks Are Circling

09.25.14 California Billionaire Wants To Buy Oregon Senate

09.17.14 Ammo Ban Update

09.09.14 Hearing Scheduled On Lead Ammo Ban

08.12.14 The Gov’s War On Gun Owners Amps Up. Troopers Used As Political Pawns

07.08.14 Maybe “Target” is a Good Name For That Place

07.02.14 Target is OFF Target

06.27.14 Governor ¬†Yanks Troopers Off Patrol To “Investigate” Gun Buyers

06.18.14 Ashland Votes AGAINST Open, Loaded Carry Ban

06.16.14 US Supreme Court Rules Against Private Transfers of Firearms

06.11.14 Lead Ammo Ban Coming





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