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As you would expect, today’s “informational hearing” on Extreme Risk Protection Orders was actually a far left, gun grabbing, propaganda festival.

Most witnesses represented extremist anti-gun groups. No one with concerns about the implementation of a policy which eliminates due process and allows people to lose their rights and their property without ever having been accused of, let alone convicted of a crime, was allowed to testify.

It was no surprise that the entire point of the hearing was to pave the way to greatly expand the confiscation of firearms. 

One goal is to increase the list of people who can make unfounded and unproven accusations  leading to the state sponsored theft of firearms.

A second one is to promote ERPO’s so more people will be requesting  them.

Among the people the speakers want to add to the list of who can demand a gun confiscation order are ex-spouses , ex-intimate partners and medical personnel.

When this law was first promoted by Senator Brian Boquist, people expressed concerns that it might be used by angry, vindictive ex-spouses.  He ridiculed the idea and the people who suggested it.

You reap what you sow.

The presenters also want to be able to confiscate guns from adults by claiming their children are dangerous.

You can rest assured that soon, probably as soon as next session, we will see these gun grabbing dreams introduced as legislation.

You can see some of the propaganda presented here.