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Bogus “Suicide” Bill Passes. Republicans Help.

Bogus “Suicide” Bill Passes. Republicans Help.
Drazan Is Back.


SB 1503 was passed by the Senate today.

This is the bill that will squander even more of your tax dollars by shoveling it to the Oregon Department of Justice to “study” firearm’s related suicide.

The Department of Justice has already spent MILLIONS of your tax dollars trying to end all firearm’s sales in Oregon by defending Mz 114, so we are pretty confident about what conclusions the Department of “Justice” is going to reach about the issue. But you know what they say about spending other people’s money.

Please note, the state has exactly zero concerns or interest in any suicide that does not involve a firearm, a fact that was pointed out by more than one Republican legislator. The ruling junta in Oregon does not care about why people commit suicide nor have they expressed the slightest interest in addressing the issue. The Democrats are simply, and obviously, just looking for another way to demonize gun ownership while the streets are littered with overdose victims.

Given the large amounts of money Democrats have taken from the supporters of legalizing addictive poison, this is no surprise.

And what is also not a surprise is the fact that two Republican Senators voted for this garbage. Senators Anderson and Hansell climbed into the sack with the Democrats working overtime to end gun ownership.

Lucky for Oregon, Hansell is on his way out. It could not come a day sooner. Oregonians are still saddled with Senator Anderson and that is a shame.  But until the Oregon Republican Party starts demanding that people who run and get elected as Republicans, actually VOTE like Republicans we will be stuck with losers…and losing.

The bill now heads to the House where Republicans have made a career of rolling over to their Democrat overlords.

Tomorrow at 8am, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding an “informational” hearing on extreme risk protection orders. Invited testimony only. You know where this is going.  A collection of far left gun grabbers will be demanding expanded gun confiscation with no due process.

And if you think that’s not enough bad news, we have been reliably informed that the Christine Drazan, who did more to damage the House Republican Caucus than anyone in recent memory, is going to run against pro-gun champion James Hieb, who has made the mistake of supporting her in her past failed efforts to be governor.

If you think the House Republicans are a mess now, their failures are just a down payment on what we will face when the Republican establishment  does what it has been doing and throws Hieb under the bus for the cartel candidate.