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Our lawsuit against the Medford school district has attracted an amazing amount of attention and an amazingly generous response by supporters of the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation. We have received help from people all across the country and we are humbled and grateful for your kindness and willingness to ute.

We have had assistance from many long time supporters, and many new friends as well. It would be impossible to overestimate how much you all have done. And all your help came without OFEF once sending out a press release or seeking any publicity on this case. Although we have responded to countless media inquiries, we never sought to exploit the media circus this case has become.

But a few press releases can go a long way. We have heard from many who were asking about a press release sent out by Second Amendment Foundation announcing their support for the teacher’s lawsuit. Invariably we have been asked why your efforts as the supporters of OFEF were ignored in the release. We have no answer to that question. OFEF has already paid several thousand dollars in legal fees and is committed to covering all the expenses, and that would be impossible without the generosity of people like you. Your early commitment should not be ignored. But that one press release got SAF tremendous publicity and apparently, that was the point. Their total ution to the case was $500.

Currently, the school district has filed a motion to dismiss our case and has demanded that the teacher’s name be made public. Numerous reporters have also threatened to publicize her name. She has informed us that if she is exposed, she will continue to fight. We are grateful for her courage.

To hear an interview and update on the case, which is due to be heard in court on Oct 11th, please go to the archives of Gun Talk to hear Sunday’s show, with OFEF’s Kevin Starrett as guest.