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01.06.09 Josephine County Sheriff To Meet With Gun Owners.

Happy New Year.

As you know, the issue of concealed handgun licenses being made public has gotten a lot of attention lately.

The issue first surfaced as a result of the anti-gun, “Medford Mail Tribune” seeking all the CHL holders names in Jackson County in order to find out the names of any teachers who might have CHL’s. The Jackson County Sheriff refused to reveal the names and chose instead to protect the privacy of license holders.

As you might expect, the Tribune sued to get this information and won in court. The Jackson County Sheriff, in an effort to protect CHL holders from having their names, addresses and other personal information turned over to a newspaper with a vocally anti-gun agenda, appealed. That case is awaiting a hearing in Oregon’s Appeals Court.

Since then, an organization called “Oregon Gun Owners” has demanded the names and addresses of all CHL holders state wide and has used that information to send out fundraising letters in an attempt to build a database of gun owners.

As a result of that, many sheriffs are refusing to divulge this information. Even Clackamas County Sheriff, Craig Roberts, who turned over all the personal information on CHL holders to “Oregon Gun Owners” has changed his policy and is now asking CHL holders to inform him if they want their private information to be kept private. (A little late to be sure, but it’s a start.)

OFF is working with legislators on a bill to protect the privacy of CHL holders. We have received a draft and expect it to be introduced very early in the session which starts on Monday, January 12th. It may even be “pre-session filed.”

Now, Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilberston has agreed to a meeting with concerned gun owners, and others. What follows is the information about the meeting that we have received from OFF member Damon Mancuso who was responsible for making this meeting happen.

“An Evening With Sheriff Gil Gilbertson
Should concealed handgun permit holders information remain private? Should the media be allowed to publish the names and address of permit holders?
Sheriff Gilbertson recently stated his opinion on this issue, and his strong belief in the Constitution, specifically the 2nd amendment.
This will be the central topic of discussion, as well as other 2nd amendment related issues, such as “restricted shooting districts”. This will be an open forum, with questions from the audience welcome. As time allows we will also discuss the ongoing funding issue, and the future of Josephine County Law Enforcement.
Plan on attending this informative meeting and learn more about this important issue, the Sheriff’s position, and how this affects you. “

Tuesday, January 13th
Redwood Grange
1830 Redwood Ave, Grants Pass

For info call 541-291-3158 or e-mail