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Today the Senate Judiciary Committee heard three anti-gun bills and the House Judiciary Committee heard one.

For info on the three Senate bill please see this alert.

The anti-gun groups packed the room largely with people they had shipped in from out of state.

As the result of a procedural error it appears that all the Senate anti-gun bills cannot move forward.

That’s the good news. The bad news is there is always a way to move bad bills.

Tomorrow, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be looking at amendments to a bill that had nothing to do with firearms in an effort to include the gun confiscation language from SB 868.

The bill is SB 719.

You can see the proposed amendments here.

If passed, this bill will allow your guns to be confiscated based on accusations from family members that you are dangerous or suicidal.

You do NOT have to be convicted of a crime. You do NOT have to actually be dangerous. You just need to the victim of a judge like this.

This is very, very dangerous legislation and of course it solves nothing. If a person is really dangerous or suicidal there is not one word in this legislation that addresses that .

A person who cannot be trusted with a gun cannot be trusted without a chaperone. 

If someone is really that dangerous, do you really want to live with them after you have had the cops come and take their possessions and their rights?

This incredibly ill conceived legislation is going to get people killed.

Please contact the Senate Judiciary Committee and let them know that truly dangerous people need interventions and people who are not dangerous should not lose their rights because of the accusations of a vindictive family member.

This hearing is tomorrow at 8 am. Please act now.

Senate Judiciary Committee

Senator Floyd Prozanski  503-986-1704 

Senator Kim Thatcher   503-986-1713

Senator Michael Dembrow  503-986-1723  

Senator Dennis Linthicum 503-986-1728

Senator James Manning   503-986-1707


If you prefer you can also send your testimony to the committee to be entered into the record. The address for testimony is: